Saturday, October 19, 2013

Miners in Neosho

Divide and Conquer, our parenting approach, was the theme for last weekend. While Blake coached Mason's flag football team, I shuttled Braden to his game in Neosho. He got to take a shot a goalie, and loved it!

Thanks, Coach

 I want to give a special shout out to Coach Blake! Not just because he coached the final Broncos game in 36 degree weather (without a hat or gloves) but because he has patiently coached all of Braden's PeeWee sports, and is the only coach Mason has ever had. When parents walk up after the game and ask if he's coaching the "next sport" I think it proves they appreciate him just as much as the kids. I now our boys don't realize it yet, how lucky they are to have such a patient and involved father, but I hope they carry it over into their parenting adventures. Great job, Coach Blake!

Last game of Broncos Flag Football | Ages 5 & 6

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mason is playing for the Broncos!

Mason's current flag football season has been very entertaining! Lots of holding, lots of grasshoppers, and excellent snacks! I am always amazed at Blake's level of patience when it comes to coaching! I can handle the kiddie pool all day long, but when it comes to coaching, Blake is definitely the Pro!!!!

 Anyone else notice the sun shining behind Mason's ears? 

 Cool grasshopper!

 Braden says this picture is saying "Really, Mom? Really?"

 Mason and Butterfly (China)

 Our International friends Gene, Butterfly, Carrick and Jasmine |  Mason's cheering section! Braden and I were the only Americans!