Saturday, January 14, 2012

Coach Blake

 I have mountains of admiration for Blake's dedication to coaching our boys. This is only our second season of basketball, but Braden truly loves it, and Blake does a great job coaching. Just to prove what an amazing community Pittsburg is, the Director of the YMCA, ordered Mason his very own team shirt. You could see how proud he was when Blake took him to the game today. It was team picture day, and Mason even got to pose with the team.

 Above: Mason showing me how shiny his teeth are. Below: a few of the "coach poses" Blake strikes during the game!

Happy Birthday, Momma

Blake and Mason did an excellent job making my Birthday cake on Wednesday night. It was a chocolate chocolate chip bundt cake, and if you've never had it, you haven't lived!
 My birthday was perfect! I woke up to a winter wonderland of snow, and never left the house, until it was time to pick Braden up from school. From then on it was domestic bliss.....Mason had gymnastics, Braden had a basketball practice/scrimmage.....and after all that, we had some of the delicious cake, laughed at the singing cards, and opened my perfect gifts.

 Mason's card was a huge hit, with blinking lights, and it played "Funky Town"

YMCA Basketball 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sarah's Graduation

 Chelsea's girls! Chloe 7, Brooke 6, and Amiee 3

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas on the Home Front!

 One of the ladies that work at the Chamber got this ornament for us the year Mason was born. It always makes me smile when we hang it on the tree.

 Mason showing off his new Thomas rain boots from Granny!

 The frame Braden and I made for Blake's marathon!

 Mason cooked the cookies for Santa!

 Sprinkling the reindeer food outside....