Monday, October 27, 2008

Have a Hot Dog, Batman

We had the pleasure of attending a wonderful Halloween party yesterday at our good friend, Ethan's grandparents house. As soon as we pulled up Braden wanted to know what Ethan had dressed up as and we were quite sure it would be Spiderman. To our surprise, he was Batman just like Braden!!! His parents were an adorable Bat girl and the Joker. Despite the chilly weather it was a great party.

In addition to our good friend Ethan, our best buddy, Will a.k.a. Buzz Lightyear was also there.

Mason's driving now

Some of you may remember the infamous car that Blake bought from Braden's daycare because he LOVED it so much and we could not find one anywhere. It's a little black car, that Braden LOVED to bounce around in. We gave it a good cleaning and let Mason take it for a test drive. He wasn't quite sure what to think. We know that soon enough he will love it just as much as Big Brother.

For those of you who have seen Mason recently, know he's been like a faucet with his drooling. He finally cut his bottom teeth on Saturday. They are just barely peeking through.

Pumpkin Patch

Braden once again had a busy Saturday. Blake took him to a birthday party at 2 while Mason and I hung out at home, then I took him with our friends Leah and her youngest son, Logan, to the pumpkin patch. Instead of a sand box, they had a corn box, and Braden loved getting buried.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Party Animal

While Momma was at the "Sip & Shop" Daddy got some good quality time in with the boys! He took them for a long walk to the park and then to Gracie Wixson's birthday party. Momma showed up just in time for the great food and delicious cupcakes. This was a Webkinz themed party, and thanks to our good friend Beverly in Mountain Home, we actually knew what a Webkinz was. She sent Braden "Cheeky Monkey" this summer along with Mason's gift.

Notice, that even at the age of 4, Braden always seems to surround himself with the pretty girls!

Laid Back

Mason continues to enforce his nature as being a "laid back" baby, especially in the bath tub! Throwing his arm over the side and chillin' is his newest favorite pose.

Mason's ears are definitely a little more "Benson-like" than Braden's.

Geez Mom, can't you put the camera down for a second!

Once again. . .laid back!

Where was Mason?

Poor Mason! As Braden put it, Poor Mason, didn't get to go to the football game! Mason was amazingly good on the drive down to Forrest City, and had the pleasure of hanging out with Nanna while we were at the "late" and "cold" ballgame! Yeah, poor Mason, he got all of the attention and all of the kisses! But as soon as everyone showed up at Nan & Pop's house before going to the game, I didn't hear a single "oh how are you, Christel?" it was immediately, "Where's that baby?!" then of course, "What!!! He's not here!" We tried to appease them with the fact that they will all get to see him at Landon's wedding in November. But there were still disappointed at not getting to kiss those cheeks!


We drove to Forrest City on Friday, Mason's first trip to the "jewel of the delta," for a surprise appearance at the FCHS Homecoming. They dedicated the press box to Pop and did a balloon release for the 300+ consecutive games he's called over the past 33 years. He had no idea we were coming, and we joined the rest of his entire family at the 50 yard line at half time. He thought he was walking out to help with an announcement.

Haley hanging out with Emily, Braden and Madison.

Grandma waiting on the sidelines for our "cue" to go out on the field.

Rhyan and Braden posing with the "Mustang" mascot.

Surprise, Pop!

Monday, October 13, 2008

PSU Football game

We spent Saturday at the PSU football game. It was a beautiful day for tailgating! One of the most amazing aspects of the football experience is the players walk from the athletic building to the stadium and give high fives to the fans as they cheer them on. Braden LOVES this. You'll notice his friend Charlie is right behind him, and isn't getting a single hit, so Blake cut the video short to scoot Charlie further out. He started getting some hits after that!

Early Birds

Braden and I were the first ones at preschool this morning, so we killed time with a mini photo shoot. You may not believe me, but I do not carry the camera with me at all times. I conveniently had it handy so I could download all of these wonderful pictures from the weekend.

Braden and I were the first ones at preschool this morning, so we killed time with a mini photo shoot. You may not believe me, but I do not carry the camera with me at all times. I conveniently had it handy so I could download all of these wonderful pictures from the weekend.

No Daddy! No Daddy! No!

No Daddy! I don't want to go to the birthday party!!! I want my toy!!!
Mason has found his grip and we literally have to pry his fingers off of things. . .including our hair! Blake was picking him up to carry him over to our neighbor's birthday party yesterday afternoon.

Our friend, Logan, enjoying some cotton candy on the swing set.

A proud Cardinal fan!

Look at these Monkeys! Logan, Gracie and Braden!

This is our good friend Corrin. She carpools with us during the week.

Penny for your thoughts. . .who knows what Blake was day dreaming about with kids screaming all around him, inhaling cotton candy. . .he calmly sipped his beer and rocked his baby boy in his stroller.

The BEST party favor was vampire teeth for all the kiddos! This was Braden's first experience and of course I had to demonstrate how to put them on.

Logan as a googly eyed vampire!

Mattie Wixson as a vampire.

Braden was diligent about Will opening his gift first, and Braden helping him every step of the way.

Our dear friend, Silvia, mother of Mattie and Gracie (above) and lover of Mason!

Hey, where did Gracie go?

The cake! Will insisted on having a white Power Ranger on his cake. Once again a great job by Sweet Designs Cakery.

A Silly String shower at the end of the party.