Monday, November 26, 2012

Pumpkin Patch, Carving and Candy

 Scout is Mason's own personal "keeper" and he's thrilled to have her around. She's the 10 year old I paid $5 per baseball game to follow Mason around, so I could watch Braden play. She was bored at the Pumpkin Patch so I put her back on the payroll, and let her take Mason on the hayride and corn maze.

 The boys were so EASY to find costumes for this year...we basically raided Blake's closet for old white dress shirts. Mason wanted to be a ghost, but not with anything on his head, just a white face and black eyes.

Braden on the right, decided to splatter his shirt with blood and wear his mask from last year. Of course this is Will on the left. Gone are the cute costumes, it's now all about scary!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


 This year we celebrated Thanksgiving with cousins Chloe and Hannah, and Granny. The boys and I drove down to get them on Wednesday, and we were blessed with a beautiful Thursday. Granny and I cooked throughout the day, and Blake took advantage of the awesome weather putting up the Christmas lights. The kids bounced in and out playing, helping, annoying, tattling, laughing, complaining, thanking and decorating for Christmas. It was a perfect day!

 Friday they had earned the treat of going roller skating, but the roller rink didn't open until 7 p.m. So we spent a few hours decorating sugar cookies. The boys always have so much fun doing this in Mountain Home, I decided to give it a go. Both the dough and frosting recipes were fairly easy, but the prep and clean up is a lot of work. Now we have all these cookies to get rid of. No problem!

Family Picture Marathon

 Quick pic at church with my dear, dear friend, Suzie. She is truly a blessing to our family and as a friend. The boys call her their Pittsburg Grandma, and she loves it.

 While we had Clint, in town, we asked him to get a family picture of us. As you can see, that's easier said than done. Blake and Braden are perfect, but between my crazy hair and Mason's crazy expressions, it's a good thing I know a little about Photoshop!

PSU Football

 There's nothing like a PSU Football game to make us love fall in Pittsburg, Kansas! Braden had a soccer game on most all of the home game dates, so this was his one and only game of the season. Blake made it a day for just the "guys" and they loved every second of it. One of the most impressive parts of every game, is that the team walks to the stadium, and high fives the fans. For little boys, this is a pretty impressive high five!