Sunday, December 20, 2009

Forrest City Christmases

This is the "baby" now, Cameron is a year behind Mason, so he is 7 months. He is an adorable, blue eyed, serious baby! Mason loved him, unless I was holding him!

This was about an hour before Cameron left, and Mason decided he needed to share his kisses.

Dean, Carli & Mr. Cameron

Pop & Cameron

The Brothers Grimm....anything but.

Braden was enamored with his cousin Rhyan.

Justin got this bear for Braden and it is bigger than Mason!

One of Braden's favorite finds at Nana's was the massage chair.

Braden and his favorite wrestling buddy, Papa.

Nana and her boys.

Mason loved Nana's banana pudding.

A rare family picture.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sugar Cookie Coma

We officially kicked off our Christmas traveling season on Friday as we headed to Mountain Home. Mason fell asleep early, which we knew would make for an interesting afternoon. About 3 hours into the trip Braden pulled his very loose tooth out. I wrapped in a napkin and wrote "Braden's Tooth" on it, but have no idea where we put it. As soon as we got home he wanted it under his pillow. This is when I realized I couldn't find it. So we put a note in the car from tooth fairy and handed him his cash.

For the last three years we have had a major sugar cookie factory going on in Ann's kitchen. Braden loves it! This year Ann had all of our dough made up and Becki, Braden and her Blake cut them out. I mixed up the icing and Braden helped me mix the colors. Amazingly this all happened while Mason napped.

Since I didn't have an apron, I had to put a "work shirt" on, knowing it was going to get messy! I thought this shirt was appropriate! Ann was amazing at letting us mess up her kitchen with all of the cookie decorating supplies. She worked around us preparing a fabulous dinner of ham, twice baked mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, pumpkin pie, 4 layer chocolate pie, 8 layer salad and cream corn. Delish!!!!



Braden took one of the leftover ribbons and became a Ninja!