Tuesday, June 30, 2009

St. Louis or Bust

Saturday morning, before Braden's T-Ball game, Mason was so excited to go he couldn't stay out of his car seat that Blake had taken out of his truck. Little did he know he was about to spend HOURS in his seat.

Around 5 hours later, we arrived! After checking into our hotel we hit the streets! This was Blake's first experience to push the new Sit & Stand stroller! Compared to our other stroller, it's a little like driving a bus when you're used to a car. My first experience was around the mall in Springfield, but now with our children's combined weight of 60+ pounds, bumpy streets, escalators, elevators, getting on & off the Metro, etc. all of Blake's hard work at the gym paid off!

Mason's first spin on the Metro. As soon as I snapped this pic, I was reprimanded by security. No pictures, Security reasons!

If it's any indication how great Blake did on our accommodations, the lobby had a grand piano! There was no sign to keep children away, so Mason was occupied briefly by hitting the keys!

Before the game we spent some time at Union Station. It was perfect. Nice and cool, Mason got a nap in and there was plenty to keep Braden entertained! He loved the fudge making performance at the Fudgery. Blake even ran into some friends from Forrest City.

The Game

At the Stadium! This was my first trip to the new Busch Stadium. My last trip was in 2005 when we took Braden for the first time. Since then, it's been a "guy" weekend with Pop and Uncles Tyler & Dean.

Thank goodness for nice strangers willing to take a family shot of us!

Blake's hands were so close I barely got them outside of the photo. He was right there ready to catch Mason! We took a very similar picture of Braden at this age.

We had nice shaded seats! Mason did good for maybe about an hour, I didn't time it, but then it got close to nap time so I took him for a stroller ride! Put him out like a light!

Dinner on Sunday…Laclede's Landing

After dinner on Sunday

In honor of the upcoming All-Star game, St. Louis has arches on parade all around the city. In addition to the one at the stadium, we got to see the following arches up close. While Blake and Mason headed back to the room for some R & R (yeah right) Braden and I ended up in Kiener Plaza for a rap concert and playing in the fountain.

Monday, before heading home

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our Big Fish

Braden is LOVIN the water this summer. Not that he hasn't always, but he has discovered the joy of swimming underwater. These are from a birthday party Blake took him to last night.