Sunday, November 20, 2011

Breakfast in the Hills of Arkansas

 My Aunt Ann, Uncle Kenneth and Cousin Blake have perfected the Country Breakfast

 The boys still in PJ's modeled their 3D glasses from their movie date with Ann and Becki.

 Blake makes a "mean" chocolate gravy

 Before the beating.....

 My cousin, Becki, knows just how to handle Mason....literally!

 The perfect spread even if you didn't run a marathon the day before....but even better if you did!

My plate!

Marathon Man

 Blake finished his first marathon (26 miles) on November 18, 2011, along the banks of the White River located in Cotter, AR. We are soooooo very proud of him! I believe his time was around 3:58, but we will get the official on here, soon! Braden was close to the road ready to give us the "big wave" when he saw him, and he and Mason were able to cross the finish line with him!

Random Snow

Last Wednesday, the kids were greeted with flurries as school let out! It didn't stick long, but it was beautiful to watch!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Family in Pictures

We had a quick little photo shoot after church, on Sunday. Once again our sitter, Kortney was kind enough to come over and take a few shots in the front yard! In full disclosure of my Photoshop skills, there were no major face lifts.....ok I removed a few blemishes on me.....and I blurred the background a little...but this is really what we really look like!!!!