Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013 Cardinals Caravan

 Once again the Cardinals made an appearance in Joplin, Mo. Blake took the boys over to get their baseballs signed and shake a few hands. In true Benson style, they were there early enough to be 20th in line, out of about 400 people. This made quite an impression on Braden, but I'm not sure how much he enjoyed the 12 hour wait (just was only 2)

Players: Shelby Miller, Oscar Taveras, Seth Maness
Cardinals Alumni: John Mabry, Cal Eldred, Alan Benes
Emcee: Al Hrabosky


Al Hrabosky - The Mad Hungarian

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Birthday, to Mom....without Photoshop

 As you can see, my guys once again made sure I had an amazing birthday! Blake and I had the rare treat of spending the weekend away.....without these two monkeys!!! It doesn't happen near enough, and when it does we appreciate ever second.

On Sunday night, Blake cooked a delicious meal of salmon patties, and Mason helped him bake the brownies.

Yes, that says 37, and if you look closely you can see every fine line and wrinkle. I did NOT Photoshop myself....this time!

 I am so thankful that the giant blob of vanilla ice cream on Mason's spoon did NOT fall!

The Man behind the Magic!