Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Accomplishments

We have a silly face contest more often than not at dinner and Mason has jumped right in! Even Mom and Dad participate, but you will not see those pictures on here, although Dad has some great ones!

He will say in the car "look at me, Momma" and make his best silly face

Braden has mastered tying his shoes...these are an old pair of "tie shoes" and barely fit, but have worked for practicing. Now he wants new tie shoes for school and of course I just bought a pair of velcro!!!!

So proud in his pj's and shoes he tied himself!

He lost his first top tooth! This is the third tooth he's lost. It was loose at dinner and he couldn't quite eat his corn on the cobb, so he ran to the bathroom and pulled it real quick!

Silver Dollar City with the Family

The Crew....before SDC: Aunt Ann, Blake, Braden, Becki, and Brandon

This was Mason's first trip to SDC and Braden's second.

It was awesome to have Blake and Brandon there to help with the boys. Both took turns pushing the stroller and riding rides. The first ride they got Braden on was Thunderation. Brandon turned around in his seat to get these pics!

Becki was Mason's buddy on most of the kiddie rides. After lunch she and Ann took the little guys for a few hours while I rode the "big" rides with Brandon and Blake.

Brandon sharing a little frozen lemonade with Mason

Brandon and I rode these swings with Mason while Blake and Braden finished a ride, then Braden wanted to try them out so Becki and Blake rode with him. It was a perfect day for our divide and conquer method. Everyone except Becki and Mason rode the Lost River, and poor Ann got splashed the most! I think it was Braden's favorite ride.

Observing the water balloon sling shots, trying to decide if they wanted to do it.....

Mason of course was fascinated by all the busted balloon pieces on the ground

Watching the big guys

Brandon helped Braden on one side, while Blake was on his own

Getting hit by one of Blake's balloons

Observation Deck

The boys could not have been better. It was hot, but they both had thermoses of ice water and ice cream to keep them cool. Mason took a cat nap in his stroller while Becki pushed him in the shade. We didn't leave the park until 9 pm, which wasn't the plan but the entire day was about "going with the flow" after bed time came and went, I warned the adults that we were sitting on a time bomb and that the meltdown could hit at any moment, but it never did. Both boys had such a good time! We've already talked about plans for next year!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Relaxing by the River

After a delicious lunch at Nana's, we left Forrest City on Saturday afternoon and headed for the hills. Literally. It has been many years since we drove up through Jonesboro, Hardy and Ash Flat. We even took a new route, through Calico Rock, to come in on the backside of Norfork. Our dear friend Cindy invited us to stay in her "guest" cabin on the Norfork River. Cindy was an amazing host to us and we are very grateful for the nature connection and down time we were able to get!

Our boys had their first introduction to the frosty river. Unfortunately they have not been exposed to many natural bodies of water, and this was their first trip to any river.

Braden was fascinated by the rocks, and I tried really hard to find a few crawdad's for him.

Mason was not quite sure he liked this cold water!

On Sunday we drove over to the Fish Hatchery below the Norfork Dam. They had this scenic catch and release area blocked off for kids. Parents could cast and hook, but the kiddo's had to be the one to reel it in. Mason and I got a little ahead of Blake, Braden and Cindy to get to this spot, and in the gap a two foot long king snake darted out of the woods....chasing a lizard....and then right back across the path. We were all a little on edge the rest of the time.....

Trout fishing has to be one of the most frustrating types of fishing. You can see them in the water and even though you are dangling the bait right in front of them, they don't always bite!

Braden asked me a million times if this water was ok to drink....

Anytime we left Cindy's house the boys thought we were driving through the Jungle. I couldn't get them to fixate on the forest, but we did see some local wildlife besides the snake.....this baby fox was trotting along the road on our way back from dinner.

This was one of about five deer we saw. Of course Mason was still looking for the lions, tigers and zebras.

Cindy taught Braden how to skip rocks and which ones were perfect for skipping

Mason was quite happy to hang out on this log....

Saying goodbye to our view of the river. They ran about 2 generators in the afternoon and it was a hard concept for Braden to grasp that he could see the gravel bars in the morning but then it was swift by lunch time.

Thank you Cindy!!!!

Mighty Mite 2010

You can see Tyler, Braden and Mason keeping a look-out for Blake....and here he comes around the bend!

Pop making sure Mason had a good view of his Daddy crossing the finish line.
Blake with his hand raised to give Braden a high five!

Braden right there to give him a high five as he crosses!

Blake and Forrest City businessman, Mallory Nimocks, who also ran the race.

Nan got some great pics....I hope she shares!