Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kindergarten Roundup

Braden is officially registered for Kindergarten. In our town, there are 3 public kindergarten's and one private. We live a block away from Lakeside, so guess where Braden is going! They have what is called Kindergarten Roundup where you fill out all of your paper work, prove the kid is really yours, and they take a quick assessment. They will also do you shots, but knowing that we want Braden to WANT to go to school, we opted to get those from the Dr. office.

These smiles are somewhat staged. Ten minutes before, when Blake picked Braden up from preschool, he discovered that Braden had ribbed the quarter size hole in the knee of his jeans, all the way to his ankle, and his explanation was "because it makes me look cool dad," I LOVED Blake's response "we had some extra $$$ that we could have bought you a toy with, but now we have to buy new jeans." The look on Braden's face was priceless!

Braden can see, no excuses when I tell him to 'find it himself'

Braden can also hear perfectly, much to my shock, maybe it's just my voice. . .he either tunes me completely out or just loves to hear it so much I have to tell him to get his shoes on 3 times. I'm going to pretend that's what it is.

He did a great job on this little exercise or "game" as the nice lady called it. I didn't realize he could recognize a cone, cylinder and cube. He can also identify double digit numbers. Who knew! I'll take credit for part of this, because during car pool we take turns reading off the speed limit signs!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Braden's Last PSU Little Gorilla's Project Night

Last night after swim lessons and picking up Mason, Blake was sending me a text about getting a run in after work, when Braden pipes up "Tonight is my project night at Gorillas" after tracking down his back pack, which we left in Leah's truck, I rifled through all of the papers and sure enough, it was Project Night. I got Mason and Braden fed and somehow inhaled some chicken myself and when Daddy walked in the door directly from work (no run tonight) we were ready to go!

This was Braden's last Project Night, and Mason's first.

Signing in as he does every morning. They had the kids do these even before they knew how to write their names.

Thank goodness we did have dinner, he made a beeline to the cookie table and had 2 with friends Corin & her older brother, Griffin.

Do you think Braden LOVES the camera? This was a mural of musical instruments he helped draw.

He's showing me his journal here, and he drew a great picture about his current favorite movie, "Monster House" I was guessing everything that was going on.

His collage about musical instruments.

Our friend and neighbor, Timmie (love the peace sign)

This could have been a great shot. It is a great shot, but I would have loved it if Braden had given on of his "cheese" smiles.



"Bat that Flys" created after reading the book "Rumble in the Jungle"

Mason LOVED this giant Gorilla.

Getting better at standing on is own.

Trying to get him to take a step. No go.

Mason was thrilled to get Braden's plastic cup after he drank all the juice.

Come on Mason. . . .

You can do it. . . .

Braden making sand art with his friends, during Project Night

Monday, April 27, 2009

Dirt, dirt, and more dirt

Mason screaming at Big Brother. For those of you who have had the pleasure of hearing this, you know exactly what I mean.

I guess this is an indication of how our summer is going to be. These boys were filthy!!!! After the garden and then a stint in the sandbox, these boys had dirt where I didn't even know it was possible. But they enjoyed every minute of it.

Master Gardner & his helpers

This picture was taken about 4 hours after our trip to the ER, as you can see Mason is just fine! We came outside to take a peek at Daddy & Braden's progress on the garden.

Braden didn't do so well on the sidelines. He kept wanting to help Blake "till." Blake had already told him the tiller could chop off his feet and I added "and your fingers, too, don't get near it"

Finally, he can get his hands dirty helping dad put the plants into their holes.

Putting the "special water" on the plants, that "is NOT for us to drink" Braden told me. Of course it had special Miracle grow in it for the plants.

Braden picking up the cucumber seeds. I have a feeling we're going to have cucumbers popping up where we least expect them. . .

Even Mason got to help a little bit. This is a nap and new outfit later.

Braden and Daddy found lots of worms in the garden, so Braden added him to the bait container Blake bought on Friday. He picked Braden up early and they did a little fishing.

How to eat Fried Worms. . . . Did he or didn't he?

Hurry Mom, Mason is going to get the worms. . . .

Which one is taller?

Dumping the worms into their new home. . .our garden.

Our little city baby, Mason didn't know what to think of the grass. He didn't get much of a feel for it last summer. He quickly decided he didn't like crawling through it on his knees.