Monday, August 27, 2012

Dog Days

Now that we are the owners of Dash, we could participate in the end of summer dog swim. Our local aquatic center invites dog owners to bring their dear pets out for a swim before they drain the pool. It was an experience to say the least. Dogs of all shapes and sizes, nice, yappy, aggressive, calm, hyper...mixed all together in a pool, with a few kids thrown in.

Braden did an excellent job with Dash, although he kept wanting to let him off his leash. Mason did an excellent job swimming with the dogs. He never quite grasped that this was about the dogs swimming not the kids.

The picture below even made the Morning Sun photo gallery:

Back to school, preschool and work!

I can honestly say our boys have had one of the best summers ever. If not just the best, definitely one of the busiest! Braden had an amazing baseball season, and Mason's first round of T-Ball was everything he expected....except a trophy, like the one Braden won. After float trips, tennis lessons, golf lessons, day camps, swim dates, baseball tournaments, Cardinal baseball games, running the bases at Busch Stadium, our Cruise, and a tourist trip back to's finally time for the boys to start back to school and Mom back to work!

Mason is going back to PSU Little Gorillas Preschool, and starting his first semester of preschool at The Center where he also goes to daycare. So he will be at PSU three mornings, and in the Dolphin Preschool room four afternoons. As hard as it is to believe this little guy will be starting kindergarten next fall.

This picture is of his first meeting with his teachers in the Dolphins, and he did a nice blue and red hand print with Miss Alicia.

 I think this pictures looks a lot like younger pics of Blake that I've seen. Not just his blond hair, which we have to explain at least once a week, but his expression.

 Braden seemed to enjoy Preschool open house, too! This kid just hates having his picture taken!

 The night after Mason's open house, Braden had his "Meet the Teacher" event, where we got to drop off his supplies and meet Mrs. Lawson.

 Unloading his supplies, out of his new Cardinal backpack. This has been the backpack that Blake has loaded with supplies, bottled water, snacks and the camera on their St. Louis trips, but Braden decided he wanted to use it for school this year.

  Monday, August 20, 2012 | Braden headed to third grade, Mom headed to PSU, and Mason headed to his first day in the Dolphins.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Flippin Awesome

Before school started, the boys and I took a trip back to Flippin, and played tourist. We stayed with my lifelong friend Leslie Harp and her family. The boys got to swing off the rope swing at Cotter Spring, catch a few rainbow trout on the White River, visit the James Gaston Visitor Center overlooking Bull Shoals Dam, eat lunch at Gaston's, feed fish at Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock, tube on the lake and see Mom's old school.