Monday, November 30, 2009

Bananas, Shades and tiny t-shirts

Mason had already eaten his lunch as I was peeling this banana for Braden's plate. When Mason saw it he insisted "Bana, bana, bana," I give it to him so I did and peeled a new one for Braden. At one point Mason was no where in site and I found him laying on Braden's bottom bunk, eating this banana.

Too cool for school. These sunglasses apparently kept him very occupied while I ran a few errands.

I got out tote of Braden's "old" clothes that Mason is growing into. Braden insisted this was his shirt "now" I told him the size, 24 mos., and he wanted to try it on anyway. Sad thing, if it were a little longer, it could almost fit! Long and lean!

Constructing our Christmas Tree

Most importantly the pre-lit tree, lit. But when I opened Rubbermaid container number 1 I got a nasty surprise, worse than coal in my stocking. At some point in the last 11 months, probably when we had standing water in our basement after Blake had been out of town for a few days, this tote with all of our ornaments was a mushy, moldy, stinky mess. Not that our ornaments were heirlooms, but they were the product of many, many, many after Christmas sales, and pass alongs from different family members. There were a few I just couldn't throw away and let them soak in some dish soap for a few hours. Amazingly there was a box of "fragile" balls I didn't put out last year, that were not in this tote, so they made it on the tree.

I headed out on a mission to buy a new skirt, new topper and some new ornaments. There was not a topper or skirt that stole my heart, so I went home and scrubbed the mucky rust off the angel we had. At the top of the tree you can barely see the flaws.

Braden LOVES to help decorate the tree, and I have to let go of my urge for everything to look perfect and let him hang the ornaments wherever he wants to! I do pretty good, until I look from across the room and see a gaping hole, then I discreetly shift them around. He even got his stool out so he could get some up high.

Now the trick is to teach Mason to touch gently. I'm not so worried about our tree, but all the trees we will be visiting!

Thanksgiving Feast...not roast beast

Wednesday night Braden and I slaved away in the kitchen making fudge pies. Braden was so excited for Uncle Ty to get to our house. He asked all day if it was time. While at school he even made a special drawing for Tyler. Then when the big moment came, and Tyler arrived, one of Braden's first questions was "Why did you run into mail boxes to stop your bike when you were a little kid?"

The next big moment was when Tyler found out he was literally having a sleep over with Braden and sleeping on his bottom bunk. This thrilled Braden!

Thursday, Mason and Braden braved the frigid temperature to be outside with the "guys" Daddy and Tyler as they monitored the frying turkey.

Uncle Ty with the two monkeys.

Our Thanksgiving Feast

Mason's first Thanksgiving feast that did NOT come from me or a jar!

Monday, November 23, 2009

A beautiful fall weekend

Ahhhh Brotherly Love! Braden was trying to read to Mason, because one of Mason's favorite words right now is "Rea, rea, rea, rea" not sure where the "d" is on that. And his second favorite word is "MINE, MINE, MINE," even though this was actually Braden's book.

Mason wants to do everything the big boys do, including dress up like a super hero!

A little outdoor time on both days, notice Braden is wearing Mardi Gras beads, not sure where they came from or how they were acquired. At one point on Sunday we had 9 kiddo's in our backyard, ages 5th grade to one month younger than Mason. Friends and neighbors. Love 'em!

Braden helped Blake with the final round of lights. Dare I say final. I don't think it's ever finished! But we love it!

A quick snapshot of Mason's dinner last night. He's loving broccoli, grilled chicken, black beans and a slice of cheese.

Happy Birthday, Jackson!

Even Mason got to go to Jackson's birthday party. He spent the morning seeing if he could fill Dad's shoes. Not just yet.

Young Professionals Annual Banquet

Our boys are well trained when it comes to the camera. We were about to duck out and asked the sitter to snap a quick picture, which brought both Braden and Mason running! Notice I'm trying to keep Mason's less than clean hand off my dress. No telling what Braden is wiping on Blake's pants!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Blake's Little Elves

Blake decided to start the Christmas Lights, on Saturday. He was in shorts and a T-shirt instead of coat and gloves, so I don't blame him one bit! He had help of course. Mason and I ran a few errands, but Braden helped with the lights.

Braden also drew this great picture of our house with lights on it, while Blake was up on the ladder.

Mason took his first dive in a mini leaf pile and loved throwing them at the camera.

We see this move a lot, but we're not quite sure what it is. He loves to show his belly and dance at the same time!

Got any change?

Mason looks on from his high chair as we fill Braden's quarter book. Yes those are green beans he's eating for lunch, and yes, he's still in his PJ's.

Braden is thrilled whenever we give him quarters for good behavior, or "just because." He's started learning about coins at school and has a ton of questions about the ridges, George Washington, etc. So last week we went to our local book store and I bought him this book for collecting the quarters. It goes from 1999 to 2009, and has a space for both the Denver and Philadelphia mints. His job is to find the year, the mint, and spell the state name, then we find it in the book.

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Great Outdoors

We had an exceptionally warm day yesterday and tried to take full advantage of every second. I took the boys, and Braden's friend, River, to ride bikes at PSU. Braden loves riding along the many sidewalk paths and pretend they are roads. I pushed Mason on the tricycle.

Due to a meltdown from Mason, we came home and played in the back yard. After another meltdown from Mason, we took a little walk to take River home.

Mason is "at that age" and didn't adjust well to the time change.

The expression on Mason's face is one we see way too much. It says, "I know I'm not supposed to be doing this, but guess what, I'm doing it anyway!"

Halloween Marathon

We started off Halloween day with Mom attempting a trip to Wal-Mart with Braden and Mason. This never happens, and it will not happen again for a very long time. We have to test our theory every now and then. Needless to say Blake went back, solo, on Sunday to finish the shopping!

After lunch Blake and Braden rode their bikes one block over for a neighborhood party at the Flemming's. As soon as Mason woke up from his nap, we joined them.

Our friendly witch, River, decorating her cupcake.

Braden twisted my arm to participate in a mummy contest.

After the party, before trick-or-treating, Blake kept the boys occupied in the back yard.

Helping Braden get ready for trick-or-treating. A white ninja was not my choice, I was amazed it stayed white after the past two days. I think the official character is from GI Joe, Storm Shadow, or something like that, Braden just loved the mask.

Mason was happy to be a spider. Like Braden at this age, he wouldn't wear the hat that matched.

Showing off his Ninja moves.

Mason is so happy because he saw the wagon that Blake brought around, but of course, Mom wanted one group picture with her ghouls.

Instantly the tears are gone!

While the guys went in search of candy, Mom had a little make0ver to hand out candy. Mason wasn't the least big phased by it, Braden thought it was really cool!

Ninjas, Vampires, Ninjas, Angels, Witches, & Super Heroes

Braden had his "fall" party on Friday at 1:45. They had treats in the classroom then the whole school paraded around outside for waiting parents and siblings. I contacted the room parent about what to bring and she suggested anything but candy!!!!! So I defaulted to our signature trail mix, minus the m&m's and added some pretzels this time. I think it was a hit.

The kids decorated mini pumpkins before the party started

This is our friend River. We were friends with her family before school, but its an added bonus that she and Braden are in the same class.

This is Ms. Vacca. Braden adores her, and so do Blake and I!