Sunday, May 30, 2010

Boys Being Boys

Braden and Mason did great on our quick drive to take Hannah home, but by the end of the trip both were ready to be out of the car! Mason was kicking the DVD and trying to hit Braden and kept saying "play outside, swim in pool" so as soon as we pulled in the drive-way, I turned them loose! Blake had grand plans of hitting the store and before we got home, but had left his wallet in my car! So here are a few pics of their energy release playing in the back yard while I decompressed at the store! Domestic Bliss!

Hannah's Visit

Braden and I made a quick trip to Arkansas on Thursday to meet with Lexie and Jackson, but also to pick up Hannah. On Friday morning we hit the store, got her bangs a little trim, had lunch with a friend who is moving from Pittsburg, and then it was time for kiddie pools!

She was so proud of her new haircut, and looked so sweet showing off her bangs!

They were soooo good at lunch and couldn't wait to hit the pools! Hannah got into the swing of the water shooters, very quickly!

Although Hannah had a great time. . . .she got to spend $5 at Claire's on Saturday, we had a cookout Saturday night, church on Sunday, she still missed her Mom and Dad a lot! So on Sunday, the boys and I loaded up and took her back to Arkansas. Sarah was able to meet us in Jane so we didn't have to make the whole trip to Rogers. We had a very good visit with her!

Memorial Day Cookout

It was a perfect afternoon for a cookout! No rain, little humidity and perfect in the shade. Several of our guests had to decline the invite, but after our massive birthday party last weekend, this was the perfect number of people and the perfect mix. The kids got along great, kids will be kids, and I think Braden got a few "words of wisdom" but for the most of the night there was minimal tattling, no tears, and they did a great job entertaining themselves with sidewalk chalk, the mud, tag, our swing set and a scrub brush and water.....

We missed Silvia, and after seeing these pictures I'm sure she's questioning what she missed, but Todd and the girls, Suzie, The Ward's minus Zach, and even our neighbor Betty were there. As Jill pointed out, it was not the traditional BBQ menu...Blake did his signature pork, hot dogs for the kids, but Jill brought a Balsamic Quinoa salad and Todd whipped up some awesome Tabbouleh! I finally put Mason to bet around 9, and it was closer to 9:30 that our guest left! Good times!

There will come a day when this beautiful "little" girl will be a teenager and not so proud of her evening playing in the mud....I can't wait! oxoxoxoxo you Mattie!

Braden got the pep talk, no playing Piggie in the mud like he did after his birthday party. Mattie missed the party, but definitely made up for the mud play during our cookout.

Jill and Mr. Dylan

Why yes, Braden's nails are painted, by Mattie. . . .with MUD!

No Photoshopping on this pic. . .those my real blemishes and "fine lines"

Mattie advanced from the nails to the facial hair!

Mason loves following the big kids around, but was also thrilled to have someone his size!

Hannah didn't get in on the mud, but she had a lot of fun with the girls and of course Braden.

Jump Zone

After a snowed out trip to Branson, an overbooked weekend in April for Devil's Den, Lexie and I were finally able to find a weekday that she and I could meet in Bentonville with Braden and Jackson. Even then, I overlooked the Chamber Banquet for that night, and had to get back early.

After a snowed out trip to Branson, an overbooked weekend in April for Devil's Den, Lexie and I were finally able to find a weekday that she and I could meet in Bentonville with Braden and Jackson. Even then, I overlooked the Chamber Banquet for that night, and had to get back early.

We met at this great place called the Jump Zone. We practically had the place to ourselves until just before lunch and two preschool classes showed up. There was a little drama with Braden, to be honest now I can't even remember what about, but he was set on pouting and would not smile for a picture with Jackson or with me! We left right after this to have lunch and pick up Hannah.

Jackson trying to convince him it was all "ok"

Jackson trying to help Braden smile, which you can imagine went over like a lead balloon....

We had a nice lunch in Rogers at Chik-fil-A and picked up my niece Hannah. They sent Braden's birthday present, this awesome Transformer, two cards with cash and several pictures the girls drew!

Braden's Birthday Day

Since we had the big party before Braden's actual birthday, I wanted it to be a special day, but a little more low key. A friend in town invited us over to swim at their pool, the water was already at 84 degrees. I asked him if he would like to take a friend for a special lunch then a swim....his first choice was Will, who was out-of-town, so he decided on River. I was willing to take them anywhere for lunch and his choice was our front porch. His reasoning was I could bring them the food, like in the restaurant. Not my first choice, but that's what we did!

They loved swimming! I think this was the first big swim for both of them this summer. It was funny because they both insisted we get all the "bugs" or as Braden put it, tarantulas, out of the pool before either of them would get in.

I of course broke the "cardinal rule" of no swimming on game or practice days, because his coach a.k.a. Blake, scheduled the first T-ball practice on his birthday. This was a quick dinner at our local burger joint, Freddy's, before practice.

No small bites for this guy....that's one half of a grilled cheese, in one bite!

This was actually the night before his birthday, and we had to get a shot of all his cards. It's been a busy week for the mailman!

Mason doing his "shake the mess off" dance after dinner.

Happy Memorial Day

Same trunks, same smile, same cheeks, and same last name, but 4 years difference and two different states!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Braden!

Braden - age 1

Neither Blake or I can believe that it was six years ago we brought this 9 lb 1 oz baby home, having no idea what to do with him. Blake knew exactly how to hold him while standing and bouncing just right to stop his tears. Braden would sit content in his lap and watch several innings of Cardinal baseball on TV. We made the goofiest noises and faces to please this sweet boy. We would make sure his food and milk were the perfect temperatures, bought only the expensive diapers, stressed over every diaper rash, scratch or bump and would practically stand on our heads to stop his tears.

Braden - age 6

Braden has survived the last 6 years and appears to be a normal, happy boy, regardless of his inexperienced parents. We still know exactly what he likes and doesn't like and there are still times we will practically stand on our heads to stop his tears or get a smile! He loves the Cardinals, and playing sports. He loves that his Daddy is the coach and practices with him in the back yard! He loves doing art projects at school and home, and anything to "help" us out, even if it means keeping an eye on Mason. He is an outstanding big brother, even though it's not always easy. We think he is the funniest most handsome kid in the whole world, and it blows our minds to look at him as a six year old boy and remember our tears of joy as he lay swaddled between us at home, both of us in awe that we created something so perfect.

Happy Birthday, Braden, you make every day brighter!

Our Braden is 6 years old today! He just finished Kindergarten, and is about to start his 3rd year of T-ball! Here a few of his favorites:
Teacher: Ms. Kim (Preschool) and Mrs. Vacca (Kindergarten)
Dinner: Ribs
Vegetable: Cauliflower & Broccoli
Fruit: Oranges
Drink: Milk and Water
Breakfast: Muffin Tops
Snack: PBJ
Learned at school: Drawing along with Mrs. Vacca at school
Song: Thriller
Movie: Monsters, Inc.
Cartoon: Ninja Turtles
Ice cream: Vanilla
Super Hero: Underdog
To do with Daddy: Go biking
To do with Momma: swim while she watches
To do with Mason: fall on the floor
Friend: Will, Ethan, Timmie and River

Monday, May 24, 2010

Show Biz Kids

After the afternoon performance we had a balloon bouquet ready for Braden! The videos are uploading slowly but surely. One is of dress rehearsal, one is Bad Guys, and the only one that's up so far is Pink Panther. I have to say choreography was a new experience for Braden, he did good, but he would much rather "feel" the music! He did LOVE being on that stage, and says he wants to do it again when school starts back! We will see.

Thank you Mr. Postman....and Nan & Pop....and the Dickerson's

Hey, Mom, Did Nan and Pop send us their recycling?

More track....

And a new train! I love this one!

How cool is this? Not only did we get a package from Nan & Pop, but one for Mason and Braden from The Dickerson's! Inside were adorable beach towels. . .monogrammed with their names! Love them!

The Bash

The Cupcakes

The Cake

The Goody Gift: Water shooters and Shields from both the Pittsburg and Forrest City Dollar Trees!

Papa: The Tattoo Parlor

The Birthday Boy - Feeling tough after his tattoo

Our 30 guests

Jolley Trolley Snow Cones

This was "after" the Darth Vader pinata came down

B-Man and Ethan (please note the color of Braden's swim trunks)

Time for cake

Even Mason had fun!

Passing out the "thanks for coming" goodies

Blake was in mid-stride to "get something" from "someone" and I got a smile from him!

Tyler found this GIANT worm in the mud around the pools. He then proceeded to chase all the girls and some of the boys with it as his mom tried to get him to get his shoes on, which we didn't find until the pools were drained.

Remember the color of Braden's swim trunks?

This was the after-party. Everyone left close to 4, but Will stayed to play!

I love that you can't see anything except their blue eyes!

Blake had to wrap Braden in a towel just to get him to the shower!

Where did that clean boy come from? This was after they both got to open their gifts from Nana and Papa!

Papa commenting on how good they smell!