Friday, February 27, 2009


How cute is this t-shirt!!!???!!! It couldn't be more true, Mason is a poopin' machine. This adorable T was a gift from Susan (Nini to Mattie and Gracie, and friendly voice of the Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Drummer hair

I know. . .another mohawk! This one was inspired by the drummer with the blue mohawk, but when it came time to get the picture, Braden quickly took on his Clubber Lane persona. Go figure, a rock-n-roll boxer. . .

Brotherly Love

Enough with the flash, Momma! It was just too early for B-Man to get into having his picture taken. Out of about 10 shots, I got 2 good ones with eyes open.

Mason has become a little piranha with his chompers so we're transitioning to formula and doing amazingly well! I don't remember it going as smoothly with Braden.

He's getting better everyday at pushing up on all fours, he just doesn't go anywhere once he's up there. He loves his walker, and can really get around well. We had our first brother inflicted injury on Sunday. It didn't even leave a mark, but Braden was racing one of his cars across the living room floor and it "crashed" right into Mason's forehead. I sat him up and he had flopped down onto his tummy. He cried really good, Braden thought he was going to be in BIG TROUBLE, but after a sweet kiss and apology everything was ok.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Up, up, up he goes

Standing tall

Mason is less content to be held or roll around on the floor. He loves when Blake holds his hands and lets him walk everywhere and he's enjoying his walker (from Santa) more and more. This activity table was a Christmas gift from Nan and Pop and we decided to let him stand up and give it a whirl. Blake was within reach the entire time. Mason hasn't quite mastered standing freely on his own. He's got his mom's balance, which means he needs a little help!

No Daddy, don't leave me!

Nevermind. . .Suzie is here! This is our beloved Suzie! We have yet to meet an adult that kids love more than this woman! She is like the kid whisperer.

Who was that masked man?

Just your typical Saturday afternoon at the Benson house. Only a mother could identify these super heroes, and mainly only by the clothes we dressed them in. I have no idea who they are supposed to be. . . well Batman of course, but Will takes the cake.

Rock of Love!

In celebration of V-Day, Blake and I had the pleasure of joining our friends Drew and Joanna at a Bret Michaels (Poison) concert on Saturday night!!!! Our good friend Leah kept all of the kids, hers included, at our house. It was about an hour away, which made for a late night, and a very LONG Sunday, but worth every minute! We really had a great time! He did an great job of mixing up the old with the new and we could sing along to almost all of the songs!

Notice the drummer. . .as soon as we saw him, we said Braden would LOVE this guys hair.

So. . . although I didn't get his autograph. . I had nothing for him to sign, I did get this picture for Braden!

Friday, February 13, 2009

You've Got Mail

Mason checking out his card from Nan & Pop. It's as if he's saying "awww a puppy"

Braden was so excited to hear that he got some cards in the mail today. So excited that he opened his AND Mason's! I mean really, what are big brothers for! First he opened a cool frog card from Nan & Pop, and then a race car from Ann & Kenneth, with what he thought was a dollar, but was even more impressed that it was actually $5!

This is real shock!

I laughed so hard at the previous picture, he did again. . .just for show of course!

Both cards. . . . .

Mason taking a peek at his card from Ann & Kenneth. . .also with $5

Braden's Cupcakes

Publish Post

I cannot take credit for these adorable cupcakes, that belongs to Sweet Designs Cakery, thank you Heather, but I can take credit for these smiles! The kids were so excited when I delivered them! Oh to be young again!

Valentine's Day preparations

Here are Mason's Valentine's Day goodies for his class. His cards tied with ribbon to the tops of Gerber Applesauce.

Braden and Daddy went to the store after school yesterday and got the applesauce, two huge lollipops, and something else for me, but Braden wouldn't tell me what it was! Then Braden got an extra special treat of going to Braum's before coming home! Daddy took him because he listened so well at the store AND because he is such a big helper with Mason.

My hair is like Uncle Tyler's, too!

Braden's biggest thrill has been to make his hair crazy "like Uncle Tyler's" but now he's focused on the more defined mohawk. . .so little brother is taking over, and last night declared that his hair "also" looks just like Uncle Tyler's!

You can't tell from these pictures, but our Mason had a rough day yesterday. After a mid-morning trip to the doctor, we found out he had double ear infections, still has pink eye, but now in the left instead of the right, and a "touch" of bronchial pneumonia. He had to get an antibiotic shot and a rx for an antibiotic that is not very nice to his tummy.

Once again, Braden was in charge of combing his hair after bath. He loves to practice his "jabs" in front of the mirror after he gets his mohawk just right.

This is Braden's impression of "Daddy" shaving!

Mason's Chore List

Mason decided to help Daddy load the dishwasher, and insisted he needed something out of the cabinet!

Gimme a smile.....

Mid-Raspberry. . . .

Braden was so proud of this paper airplane that his teacher, Kevin, made him. He threw it non stop all night long! Amazingly it never landed in the bath tub, and Mason only got it one time, but couldn't get it in his mouth quick enough before Mamma saved it!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Braden's First E-Mail

I got this tonight while I was teaching, Blake typed it for him. . .word for word!

Me and Will played together. I love Momma and Daddy. I like baby Mason. I like SpongeBob. I like chicken and corn. I like ice cream sandwiches. Chucky Cheese's. I love my friends. I love my school. I like my teachers. I like watching TV and movies. I like watching cartoons. I like Jarrick and LJ and I like Logan. I like to help Momma clean up and fix my bed. When someone waves, I'll wave back. I like Timmy, too...and Lewis.

My Valentine

While Braden was across the street playing at Will's, his dear friends, Mattie and Gracie stopped by at separate times to drop of the cutest Valentine's that they had made for him. He is one lucky guy!

Oh My Stars!

Gerber makes these little "star puffs" that practically dissolve in the mouth. I thought with Mason's 6 teeth, he might enjoy chomping on them. He loves sweet potatoes, and these were sweet potato flavor, but they were NOT a hit.


Feels ok....

Going in....


Don't just stand there and laugh! GET IT OUT OF MY MOUTH!

Mom....Dad....this is not a laughing matter.

You've broken my trust.

Talk to the hand....and the star that's stuck to it.