Monday, December 22, 2008

Jewel of the Delta

Round two of our Arkansas travels is now behind us. We arrived on Thursday, dropped the boys off with Nana, and headed to Memphis for dinner with Dean and Carli. Friday was spent visiting in Forrest City, we stopped in at the radio station and Pop recorded Braden singing all of his songs from his Christmas program. The best part was as he listened to the play back he couldn't help but sing along . . . .so Pop recorded him singing along with himself! We had lunch with Pop then met up with Nan, and had dinner with Nana & Papa. Saturday morning was Christmas at Nana & Papa's and then we had our Christmas with Nan and Pop for dinner.

Can you see where Blake gets his great eyes and eyelashes!

"Umm, Uncle Tyler, your hair is a little flat today."

"You just did WHAT in your diaper!"

Justin & Cara

Jonathan & Starla

Braden took this great picture of Uncle Dean

As all of the adults cooed and gooed at Mason to get his smile, Justin couldn't hold it together. So we got him cracking up and Mason as serious as ever.

The Men

Mason looks so much like Dean's baby pictures, and I have to say the cheeks and hair are similar in this picture, too!

Mason's shirt says "Who needs Santa I've got grandparents."

Braden thought that Joker and Batman needed a bath, too. These toys were bought with his very own money, that Miss Martha gave him.

Look, I'm a puppy like, Taco.

Come on, Nan, you've kissed me 10 times already!

This was the year of flying toys from Nan & Pop. This is a sling shot monkey that flies through the air and screams as he lands. It's hilarious! The other "big" gift was an air gun that shoots marshmallows. Braden kept stressing out because every time he shot uncle Tyler, Tyler would eat the ammunition.

Mason has bathed in the kitchen sink of all of our family, now!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Born To Be Wild

Last night was Braden's first Christmas Program. They sang all the traditional songs.....We wish you a Merry Christmas, Let it Snow, etc. and for a grand finale. . . .they got out their inflatable guitars and did an oustanding job singing "Born to Be Wild." It was the cutest thing ever! They ended by smashing their guitars on the stage. These little rockers took it to heart! Mason and I applauded vigorously while Blake took camera duty and caught every second on film. . .between the digital and video cameras!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Hello, Mater!

We didn't even have to trek to Radiator Springs to meet Mater! Blake discovered him in Galena, KS, when he ran his 1/2 marathon! So on our way home from Mountain Home, we took a detour onto the "mother road" and took some quick pics with Tow Mater. Braden was thrilled.

Merry Mountain Home Christmas

One down and one to go. . . .we had a great visit in Mountain Home this past weekend. Mason got his first taste of Christmas. . .and being that it was him trying to eat the tissue paper, I'm not sure what he thought of it!!!! He loved the baby on the back of one of his boxes more than the actual toy. Braden, Blake G., Becki and I had a great time making sugar cookies and gingerbread houses! While we were hard at work Saturday morning, Blake ran a 5k and placed second in his age category.

Two handsome devils. Although we have teased in the past, we do truly have a Cousin Eddie. I promise he is nothing like the Grizwold's Cousin Eddie.

These Hulk fists are the funniest toys! They scream "you are making me angry, you won't like me when I'm angry." Braden LOVES them!

Mason loved the baby on the back of this box, more than he liked the toy!

We had a marathon of making sugar cookies and these adorable Gingerbread houses. I was definitely held in high favor, because darling Heather Horton let me borrow "real" frosting bags and decorative tips.

It was a Mother and son bonding moment, as the Griffin team of Becki and Blake put their design skills to work across the table from Christel and Braden.

Mason had no problems giving up the smiles for everyone this weekend!

Mack Daddy, Blake!

After Braden's 3 hour bath, Blake G. gave him this nice spiky do! As you all know, he loves to have crazy hair!

Poor Mason, Blake tried to give him a mohawk but there just isn't enough there, yet. He was happy to eat the wash cloth, though!