Friday, April 29, 2011

Overall Winner!

A fellow racer shared this picture with Blake. He was recently the overall winner of a local 5K!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Braden is missing his bright smile because he just realized we are going out for lunch instead of home to the candy!
Someone took pity on us and offered to snap a family pic!

 We had brunch at PSU last year, too. The sun was out last year, and Mason finished his meal extremely fast, so I spent a good part of the time taking his picture outside. Blake got a great shot of us last year in this exact same place. I love to see how much Mason has changed.

 Our good friend Big Dillon. This of course is because we also have a friend named Dylon, that is Mason's size. Dillon is Suzie's son, and the boys love to climb all over him!
Blake was standing above me trying to get the boys to smile, but all Mason wanted to do was make silly faces back at Blake.

We had a delicious Easter brunch at PSU.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

Last Saturday was the Community Easter Egg Hunt. Blake and Braden had a soccer game first, then Blake showed up just in time to MC the event!

Mason waiting patiently "on the line" to go get the eggs. This is a lot different from last year. He was not quite as patient.

Dylon spotted the Easter Bunny headed their way

Looking for the "prize" eggs

Blake trying to have a serious conversation while answering Mason's questions about the Easter Bunny

Soccer Mania

During one of the time outs, the kids were guessing Blake's age.....between 59 and 100 million!
Mason wouldn't leave the house without his rain coat!

 They've only had one practice due to rain, and every game has been a swamp, but the kids don't seem to mind as much as the adults.

Braden's BFF, Will and a classmate, Dallyn! She's very good!

 This is how Mason spent most of the game!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Monkey around with Cameron

It's so hard to believe that Mr. Cameron is turning 2!!! Maybe because we don't get to see him much, but it seems like just yesterday we were announcing his arrival! Carli had the adorable idea of a baseball card last year for his first birthday, and I think she's outdone herself with the Monkey theme this year! If he's anything like our toddler (almost Preschooler) Monkey is appropriate!

Not just Cameron is about to celebrate, but Miss Ivy Claire is also turning 2! I have so much fun with these invitations, and Ivy got an early birthday present.....her little brother Jett arrived on April 1. Nicole was on the ball with these invites and announcements. She had them planned and ready to go before Mr. Jett ever got here! With Ivy's we matched the plates and napkins she had already bought. For Jett, we tried to go with a sports theme, but not too over the top. She's pretty sure that "sports" will be a constant underlying theme for the rest of his life! 

I can confirm this! Makes me remember how as soon as we confirmed Braden was going to be a boy, the UPS guy made a weekly stop with Cardinal memorabilia, that Blake had found on Ebay. Most of it is still hanging in his room today!

Monday, April 18, 2011

In the Genes

Want to take a guess at the gist of this conversation?

Blake and I were invited to judge a lip sync competition during Greek week at PSU. Knowing how much Braden enjoys a performance, we let him tag along, while poor Mason had to hang with the sitter. Braden had a little energy to burn before the show started and when Blake and I looked up he was across the room mimicking the poor DJ. I wish I could say I don't know where he gets it, but after twelve years of Benson family dinners in Forrest City, I can say with confidence he comes by it honestly.

The best part.....I was not the one taking these pictures....they were sitting in my email, this morning. Taken by the PSU staff photographer.

Dinner with the Mad Hatters

While Daddy was at a very boring meeting, the boys were a little silly after dinner. The big incentive for clean plates has been Easter candy from the early hunt. Mason polished his off and then wore his basket as a hat!

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