Monday, November 24, 2008

Goin' to the Chapel...

It was a traveling weekend for the Benson's! Braden was in his first wedding in Puxico, Mo, near Poplar Bluff. Blake's cousin, Landon and Haley Crisel said their "I do's" on Saturday night. Braden was so proud to wear a tuxedo and stand up there with the flower girl Miss Trinity.

We could not leave the reception until this cake was cut and he could have a piece.

Trinity got him out on the dance floor but he wouldn't quite follow her lead.

It's just the lighting in the church but our little Mason looks like a carrot top in this picture. Haley had her hands full hanging onto him. We had just finished a diaper change, and I hadn't quite got his pants back on yet. I think he was enjoying it!

Mason was so good during the ceremony. He didn't make a peep. . .partly because he fell asleep early on!

Braden giving up some smiles with Grandma!

Braden looking handsome with the father of the groom, Uncle Mark.

Mason giving up some smiles with Pop, and enhancing his suit with the never ending drool!

The Dickersons. This is Blake's Aunt Kelli, husband Mike, and sons Kade and Kyle.

Our first family picture. This is the first time we've all been in the same photo.

I think this is a GREAT picture of Blake's cousin Haley (sister to the Groom) and Grandma.

Braden Landon, and Trinity.

Grandma got lots of time to kiss on Mason. As you can see here, she had her hands full trying to hang on to him.

He is such a great poser!

These are a few shots I took in the hotel room on Saturday morning. Yes, they are dressed alike!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Braden's Project Night

Our good friend, neighbor and babysitter of our beta fish, Timmie.

As Braden told his teacher and entire class yesterday, "Poor Daddy has to stay home with Mason, and doesn't get to come to project night." Blake and I are once again "tag teaming" the responsibilities. He got to go Trick-or-Treating and I got to attend Braden's project night at Pitt State Preschool last night. Basically the kids show off all of their projects to their adoring parents and not so adoring siblings. The kids mostly played while the parents got to chat and snack on cookies and kool aid.

You can see that Braden does not have a serious bone in his body and gets the biggest thrill out of making a goofy face then seeing it on the camera screen!

Jackson M. is one of Braden's favorite friends, his Mom always has the coolest things at show & tell, small things like horses, ponies and puppies.

This is our car pool buddy, Corin C. They love pretending they are the PSU band!

Yes, already, he is quite the "Ladies Man" here he is with Maddie N. I had to threaten him to get the "normal" face below!

Jackson's big brother, Austin. He's invited Braden over for pony rides, and along with his brother, played on the same T-Ball team this summer.

This picture was just for Daddy, so he could see Braden's painting of a mountain, since he had to stay home with Mason!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Date Night

Blake and I had the pleasure of attending the PSU play-off game on Saturday, alone, and better than that, sitting in a warm sky box, instead of freezing outside. We gave the sitter a break and then she came back at 5 so we could attend the first Young Professionals dinner. The babysitter was kind enough to snap these pics before we left. I want to mention the theme was "Black and White" Blake made me promise he did not look like a mortician. I tried to get him to go for the Johnny Cash look, black shirt, black suit, black tie and of course the black shades. I don't know why he wouldn't! He was speaking as well, so he could have said into the microphone, "Hello, I'm Blake Benson."


Mason loves the bouncy car that Blake got for Braden at this age!
Yes, those shrieks are coming from him!

Poor Braden had a late night on Saturday, with the babysitter! After a trip to Wal-Mart with Daddy and a walk with Mom, he crashed.
He got his shoes off and didn't make it much farther than the front door before falling asleep.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Come and get it!

Once again, Batman makes his appearance for dinner.

Look, Dad, I can eat with my eyes closed.

The dinner bell gets everyone's attention at our house.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Say Cheese. . .Braden!

How cute are these!!?! Braden was so proud of his shirt "like daddy's"!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Braden and the Bean Stalk

Braden planted a lima bean at his preschool. We brought it home from parent/teacher conferences and it now resides on our kitchen counter. He is so proud of how tall it's gotten.