Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mason and the ER...Round 2

We missed church today and spent the morning in the ER instead. Mason was playing in Braden's room and must've caught the corner of one of his brother's toys. Two hours and three stitches later, everything's fine. This is our third ER experience and I'm guessing it won't be our last. Fortunately for Mason his Daddy is a Rock, Braden and I spent most of the visit comforting each other, and neither of us could be in the exam room when he got the stitches. As we were walking out, they were strapping him to a board. Blake held his hand and talked to him while the two nurses and ER doc put the stitches in.

You can see the big bandage over the stitches, this was back at home and having lunch, so none of this deterred his appetite. Braden is very curious about seeing them, but also a little nervous. The ER doc was great! Her son is in one of the other Kindergarten classes at Braden's school and she has two more girls at home. One of them is very close to Mason's age, so I knew she was very sympathetic. They also live in our neighborhood so we meet while walking to and from school. In situations like the ER it's amazing how comforting a familiar face can be.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

One Cool Cat

Mason has learned to share . . . .but not with his brother.

We woke up to about 8 inches of snow on Friday morning, which of course meant NO SCHOOL for Braden! Fortunately The Center where Mason goes has a room for school age kids on teacher work days and snow days. As Blake and I were still trying to get ready for work, of course it wasn't canceled, Mason sat Bear Bear in one of the kitchen chairs and proceeded to feed him. It was just a little wheat toast with butter, but it was so cute that he would take a bite, then try to get Bear Bear to eat a bite!

Our favorite babysitter

The TV. This is after bath and just before bed. Mason is chillin' in a mini comfy chair while watching one of Braden's favorite movies, Shark Tale. The other red chair was for their favorite bear.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mr. Mason

It's hard to see but Mason is wearing Braden's Michael Jackson hat. He wants to have and do anything Braden has or is doing! The joy of siblings!

Cardinals Caravan

This kid melts my heart!

Blake and Braden, along with about 8,000 other people, are lined up to meet several current and former St. Louis Cardinals. Ready for baseball season. Go Cards!

Braden with Cardinals broadcaster John Rooney and his World Series ring.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Braden wished me a Happy Birthday as soon as I got up! He was so excited, I think he told everyone at his school that his Mom was 34, today!

Not wanting to devour an entire cake, I negotiated for a few cupcakes. Blake picked Braden up from school and they took care of the cupcakes, a few more gifts, and of course a singing card!

Why yes, we always let Mason play with lighters.

Check out Braden's expression. . .I have no idea. . but it's funny!

Braden had his Spiderman camera handy but also wanted to snap this pic with our camera. He did good!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Where have we been?

If you haven't noticed I took a break from the computer! I've kept up a little with my phone and checked email as I needed to, but for the most part I have been computer-free most of the break. Sorry if you've missed me! But I am definitely baaaaacckkkk! Today is my first day back at the office, classes start on Thursday, and tomorrow I celebrate the "Big 34"

Here are a few pictures of our White Christmas.



Christmas Eve in Pittsburg, KS

It was the season of hats. Braden got a black fedora, which he has seen in some of the Michael Jackson videos. Mason got a cowboy hat.

And Blake got this ASU hat. I try to make at least one trip to Wal-Mart while we're in Forrest City. All WM's in Missouri and Arkansas are good about carrying Cardinal stuff, which is unheard of in Kansas. But this was a major score in Forrest City, they had some ASU items.

Blake modeling Mason's hat, and Braden with Blake's hat. Mom didn't get a hat, but that's ok.

Braden sprinkling his Reindeer food outside on Christmas eve. Like the rain boots?

Cookies and milk for Santa. We were in Starbucks that morning and a "local" Santa came walking in while Braden and 3 other kiddo's around his age were there. One asked him if his favorite was sugar cookies with icing and he said "of course" fortunately we had just a few left from our Cookie marathon in Mountain Home.

Christmas morning. Mason on his rocking Mickey Mouse.

Then with Braden's Batman cave.

The note Daddy Santa left for the boys.

Christmas morning.

Hat hair

We had a play-date with our friend Ethan. In between playing Super Heroes, they took time out for a an art project.

Our standing New Year's Eve tradition has been to have dinner with our dear friends across the street, the Arbuckle's, alternating houses. This year, we were going to have dinner at their house, and dessert and gifts at ours, so we could get Mason to bed on time. Braden was not feeling well, so we cut the evening short. Thanks to rest and Tylenol, Braden was better so we had the Arbuckle's over on New Year's for a dinner of black-eye peas, fried okra and of course salad. I got these polar bear cookies for the boys and we had cream cheese chocolate chip bars for dessert.
Both the big boys exchanged Thomas the Train toys, and Mason made out with some great new cars.

What was left of the okra and salad. . . .

A candid shot of me and the boys, after bath, before bed, watching some of Mason's Baby Einstein video.