Thursday, June 30, 2011

Girly Girls

 As soon as Braden got back from his week in Forrest City, we had my two oldest nieces, Chloe 7 and Hannah 6 for five days. When I took them back, for the first time I brought back the next to oldest girls, each of their little sisters, Emmery 4 and Brooke 5. Fortunately my mom came this time. I'm not sure I would have kept my sanity. They were all good, but the second two were a handful.

 Brooke is starting kindergarten in August. She is my middle sister, Chelsea's middle girl. Her youngest, Aimee is about six weeks older than Mason.

Emmery is Sarah's second daughter. Her two youngest are Albert, age 2, and Bobbi age 1. Hannah, is her oldest, and she will start First grade in August.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Scavenger Hunt & Snow Cones

 We celebrated Braden's 7th birthday on Sunday, May 22. Instead of kiddie pools we had a back yard party with a neighborhood scavenger hunt and snow cones. As guest arrived, Braden sat with them on this bench and opened their gift.

 We had two teams, blue and red. Keeping with the "Sheriff Woody" theme, each team had a bandanna and gold star.

 Clues were at houses around the neighborhood. Before they could get the clue, the each had a task to perform; recite abc's in a funny voice, bounce on one leg and name all the months, say the pledge of allegiance, etc.

 The birthday cake and cookies. We've learned the hard way that the kids love to lick the icing off the cupcakes but seldom eat the whole thing. So we ordered cookies to pass out to the kids.

 Braden wanted to blow the candles before his dad could get them all lit!

 Our neighbor from Paraguay, Juaquin

 Juaquin's parents Ramero and Irene and their friends.

 Romero and his friend held an impromptu soccer match

 Opening gifts "on" his actual birthday

What Happened to May?

On May 21, Blake and I each grabbed a kid and headed to two different graduations. Braden and I headed to Bolivar, MO, for Brandon's graduation from Southwest Baptist University. Blake and Mason headed south to Fayetteville, for Tyler's graduation from UofA Law School.

May is an exceptionally busy month for us, with me wrapping up my semester, and Braden finishing school. Somewhere in there the boys were able to help Blake plant the garden and celebrate Mother's Day!