Monday, January 3, 2011

Blake's Baptism

After church on Sunday, Blake was baptized at the YMCA indoor pool. Our church does not have an indoor facility for immersion baptism, but often use a nearby lake. Considering the temperature, Blake was much more comfortable at the YMCA indoor pool.

The biggest obstacle was explaining to the boys, we weren't there for them to swim. First they just wanted to dip these noodles in the water, then they wanted to dip their toes. Fortunately that's as wet as they got.

Our good friend, and church elder, Drew Rhodes assisted our Pastor, KO Noonoo

I was so grateful, that one of Mason's favorite teachers from daycare, Ms. Polly, was there as well. She is also a church elder, and is awesome to both Mason and Braden!

Six kids, four adults and a partridge in a pear tree?

This skinny mini is my youngest niece, Bobbi. We had the pleasure of spending Christmas surrounded by family, and especially kids! Braden 6, Hannah 5, Emmery 3, Mason 2, Albert 18 months, and Bobbi 6 months, my youngest sister Sarah, and Granny (aka our Mom)

Emmery proud of her growing pile of gifts on Christmas Eve

Braden impressed with his pile. His pile was a little smaller than the rest, but he had no idea what he was getting!

Sarah and Albert (he is the only other boy, besides our two; that's 3 boys to six girls)

Braden was thrilled with his skull snow had and skull PJ's....still hadn't opened the "Big One"

There it is! Thank goodness he can read! He didn't ask for this, but Blake and I decided it was a perfect gift for the boys.

Mom had no idea she had a "Big one" in her pile, either! I got a new "fancy" camera! My main goal is to be able to take quick shots of the boys playing sports, and this one will do the trick...and then some!

Mason checking to see what's in the box he has opened. They were dragon claw how shoes, and he was a little hesitant to stick his hand in the box.

Dad opened gifts last, after all the filming and a lot of trash pick-up! He was giving Braden a fist bump for his new water bottle.

Headed out to sprinkle the reindeer food on the lawn

Christmas Morning

Mason was soooooo excited to get a scooter and a helmet! He wouldn't take it off all day!

Braden got exactly what was on his list, Karate Kid, a remote control airplane and a little extra he didn't ask for, a Michael Jackson Wii game. You couldn't tell it, but Braden woke up at 3 a.m. with a stomach bug. Poor kid!

Ronnie Milsap

As soon as Blake saw that Ronnie Milsap was coming to town for a Christmas show, he thought it would be a great opportunity to take Braden! We got a sitter, went "out to eat" peacefully, and enjoyed a very entertaining show! Braden was amazed that Ronnie Milsap was blind and could play the piano!

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Forrest City Christmas

All I can say about this is POOR PAPA! Amazingly Rick was still able to walk after this, but he did several sets of push-ups with both of these monkeys on his back, and Taco watching!

As we were sitting peacefully in the living room, Rick's ears perked up at the sound of a gun shot. He dashed out to investigate. Nana was quick to explain, it meant someone was poaching on their land (aka hunting where they shouldn't be) he returned about 20 minutes later and had found a wounded deer. He asked if the boys wanted to watch him skin it, and they did, so Blake took them.

Cameron (18 months) and Mason (2 1/2) relaxing in the massage chair

Don't they look like the picture of relaxation as the parents of an 18 month old!

Mason was so proud of his Spiderman hat and mittens!

Dancing with Cam on top of Cameron's new basketball goal.

"Who you gonna call?"

It's after we get home that I realize, we didn't get any posed family shots or many with grandparents! I'm not sure we got but one picture of Blake!