Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mason Update

Sunday afternoon Mason had a fever so Blake took him to QuickCare, the verdict double ear infections and a rupture tympanic membrane which isn't supposed to be a big deal. Unfortunately all of the pharmacies were closed, so he couldn't start his antibiotics until Monday morning. By Monday afternoon, he still had fever, so we decided to take him to our pediatrician. Blake was able to take him while I got ready for class, and took Braden with me. They adjusted the dosage of the antibiotic and gave him one of a 3 day antibiotic shot. I took him for round two this morning. He's doing much better, back at daycare, and has more of an appetite. He gets his last shot tomorrow morning, thank you Daddy for doing this one. I'm guessing we'll be getting tubes before too long.

Road Trip

I want to start by saying that Braden and Mason are the best kids ever! I made my first solo road trip with them, to meet up with family in Springfield/Branson. We left Pittsburg around Mason's nap time and I barely heard a peep out of him until we got just outside of Branson. Braden watched his movie the whole way! We spent all of Saturday at the mall in Springfield, since the weather was wet and cold. We got to break in our new stroller (please consider it an early mother's day gift, Blake) and it was worth every penny. It's a sit & stand stroller that Mason sits in and Braden can sit or stand on a platform behind him. Braden loved hopping on and off all day long. By the end of the day he didn't want me to stop, but instead run and jump like he's catching a train! I noticed several curious/envious stares from other stroller pushing momma's!

These pictures are our first professional shots of the boys! And quite possibly the last. . .just kidding. Pictures are just so expensive. This was a great deal and much like the stroller worth every penny. The most amazing process I've ever experienced. It's set up in the mall, they take the pics, have proofs ready within the hour and everything you've ordered including some framing within another hour.

You can check out all of the proofs, and order them if you want. Click here, email address: christel8500@yahoo.com Access code: cc700b4fa4 and if you need to enter my passcode it's Braden12.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We LOVE company. . .especially Grandparents!!!! (hint, hint)

We had the pleasure of Granny staying with us for a whole week! I think she might have enjoyed these boys just a little. . . .she was an amazing help to us. You don't realize how nice it is to have an extra set of hands at dinner and bath time! I think her favorite was taking Mason upstairs for his bottle at night. She seemed to constantly have a load of laundry going, and I definitely took advantage of her visit. She and I started pulling wallpaper off one of our bathrooms on Monday, and little by little she got most of the rest of it off. By Saturday there was a tiny section she couldn't reach above the shower that I took care of. We had some beautiful weather and she got to spend some time on the front porch reading. It wasn't all work! We also took advantage of free babysitting and went out on Saturday night.

We were all sad for her to go home on Sunday. She did say. . .that's what mother's are for!

Take the Binky!

Braden will never be able to accuse Mason of not sharing! He insisted. . obviously that Braden take the binky, too! Braden doesn't remember, but he used to LOVE his binky. . .he would have one in each hand!

My turn

Hey, where did everyone go? On Sunday, I drove Granny home, and Braden went to play across the street, which left Daddy and Mason to entertain each other.

Mason is not only crawling everywhere. . .he's pulling up on everything, too. He took two good tumbles on Sunday, one trying to hold onto one of Braden's chairs. He can reach the placemat and slide whatever is on it closer. Braden was trying to get a drink of milk, and Mason tried to steal his food. . . or so Braden thought!

Chicken for dessert

Daddy had to be out of town last Wednesday night, which wasn't too big of a deal, because Granny was still in town. He was in Topeka at the annual 'Day on the Hill' meeting with legislatures. In the past the Chamber has provided "signature" chicken that is made in SEK. Due to some remodeling going on at the Capitol, they couldn't take prepared food, so they took these ADORABLE chicken cookies, and Braden was lucky enough to get his very own. Leah came over to have dinner with us so we got a quick pic of this yummy dessert.

Mozart in the Making

He even has the crazy hair! Mason LOVES this xylaphone, both playing it and eating the wand!

Brother thinks he's so cute. . and I agree. . .pretending he's Mason and playing with a "baby" toy.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ladies Man

I just had to post these pics of my second cousin, Blake. These are from a recent Etiquette Dinner in Mountain Home. He's 14 and quite the Ladies Man! Braden idolizes him! We're getting ready to spend the weekend with him, his mom, Becki, and my aunt Ann in Branson.

I just had to post these pics of my second cousin, Blake. These are from a recent Etiquette Dinner in Mountain Home. He's 14 and quite the Ladies Man! Braden idolizes him! We're getting ready to spend the weekend with him, his mom, Becki, and my aunt Ann in Branson.

Our Little Leprechauns

Amazingly I was able to get this shot before they dashed out the door. Even more amazingly I was able to disengage the binky, and slip Mason's bib off! As we were getting dressed, Braden informed me all about getting pinched if he didn't wear green today, and he thought that meant green everything. He said, "but momma I need green pants, too, I'm going to get pinched" I assured him any green at all would keep him safe. As he was leaving he said "I sure hope my friends don't pinch me" such a worrier!

Happy Birthday Logan a.k.a. Wolverine

We had so much fun Sunday afternoon at Logan's birthday party. It was held at our favorite cake shop Sweet Designs Cakery. Each child had a 6 inch cake to frost and decorate. Heather showed them how to put a little icing on their piece of cardboard and "glue" their cake to it with icing so it wouldn't move around. Then each table had bags of colored icing and these muffin tins with lots of sprinkles and candies to put on their cakes. It was a lot of fun. I promise every kid licked more icing off their spoon than they got on their cakes!

Braden and his best "girl" friend Gracie.

Birthday boy Logan!

Joanna and Ethan Rhodes

Ehtan & Will dying to dig into their icing.

The final masterpiece. Braden couldn't wait to eat his cake at dinner. He even wanted us to sing Happy birthday. . .but we talked him out of that!

Look what Granny can do!

Granny came home with us for a few days and has helped out immensely! It's amazing how nice it is to have one more set of hands! Braden was so impressed that she knew how to make his towel stay in place after bath! Look no hands!

Mason has become entranced with the water pouring out of the faucet. Since he only gets about 2 inches of water in the tub, this is a very short-lived thrill for him.

Look at me in the big boy chair. His only experience with Braden's chairs before this photo is to knock them over when he's in his walker. But Granny sat him in it and you can tell he feels like a big shot!

Playin' Hookey

Braden and I took the day off from work and school on Friday and drove to Rogers, AR. We got to visit with Granny, Dee Dee and Aunt Chelsea. He had the pleasure of helping walk two adorable little dogs for some of Dee's neighbors, one named Sampson and the other named Mister. Not having a dog of his own he got a huge kick out of this, and was enthralled at how frequently Sampson would "mark his territory"

In the afternoon we got to visit with some of his cousins, Chloe, Brooke and Amiee. It was great to see the girls, it's been a while!

Miss Brooke (3)

Granny & Chloe (5)

Baby Amiee (10 months)

Brooke, Braden & Chloe

Funny faces from two little monkeys