Thursday, November 20, 2008

Braden's Project Night

Our good friend, neighbor and babysitter of our beta fish, Timmie.

As Braden told his teacher and entire class yesterday, "Poor Daddy has to stay home with Mason, and doesn't get to come to project night." Blake and I are once again "tag teaming" the responsibilities. He got to go Trick-or-Treating and I got to attend Braden's project night at Pitt State Preschool last night. Basically the kids show off all of their projects to their adoring parents and not so adoring siblings. The kids mostly played while the parents got to chat and snack on cookies and kool aid.

You can see that Braden does not have a serious bone in his body and gets the biggest thrill out of making a goofy face then seeing it on the camera screen!

Jackson M. is one of Braden's favorite friends, his Mom always has the coolest things at show & tell, small things like horses, ponies and puppies.

This is our car pool buddy, Corin C. They love pretending they are the PSU band!

Yes, already, he is quite the "Ladies Man" here he is with Maddie N. I had to threaten him to get the "normal" face below!

Jackson's big brother, Austin. He's invited Braden over for pony rides, and along with his brother, played on the same T-Ball team this summer.

This picture was just for Daddy, so he could see Braden's painting of a mountain, since he had to stay home with Mason!

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