Monday, December 14, 2009

Tis' the Season

It's amazing how busy this time of year is. I have no complaints but it seems like we have a party, dinner, reception, Christmas program or bags to pack every night of the week. It's fun, but it leaves me with a constant fear that I'm going to forget something.

Tuesday, Mason in his Reindeer sweater at Braden's Christmas program.

Braden and a friend before they went on stage. Braden was so excited to actually be on stage and sing his Chritmas songs. Our school is very unique, since it's an older school it actually has an auditorium upstairs.

Wednesday, Ladies Luncheon, Wish List party for Cyndee Harvey's jewelry

Friday, Blake and I, taken by the babysitter, as we headed to a Holiday Dinner at Mt. Carmel.

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