Monday, October 12, 2009

We are Carnivores and proud of it

This was dinner last night. Ok, not just for last night, but this was on our table by 6 p.m. last night. Yes, I have an amazing husband, yes, he is an amazing cook. Yes, that is why I can't drop 3 sizes! Blake did the store run and came home with several options for dinner. All within our budget, too! We had some ribs, chicken, steak and I think maybe some pork chops. Mason had some grilled chicken without sauce or seasoning, I had steak, Braden had steak and some ribs! I think Blake had steak, too! This will last us most of the week, and we'll just add sides. This is especially helpful on Mondays, when I teach at night.

Mr. Mason's fever was back before we left Rogers. On the way home I called the Dr. and she prescribed a new antibiotic, the one we got Friday obviously wasn't doing any good. We picked it up as soon as we rolled into town. We tried to lay him down, thinking he'd rest best in his own bed, but he didn't stay even 15 minutes. He was very miserable the next hour and a half, but I think the new medicine and Tylenol finally kicked in and he was in a much better mood. Not 100% but in a better mood. He did go to bed about an hour early, which also meant he woke up an hour early, but he seemed to be much better. Now we just have the diaper "surprises" from being on an antibiotic. Domestic bliss.

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  1. I can certinly agree he is a great griller! YUM!