Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mason and the ER...Round 2

We missed church today and spent the morning in the ER instead. Mason was playing in Braden's room and must've caught the corner of one of his brother's toys. Two hours and three stitches later, everything's fine. This is our third ER experience and I'm guessing it won't be our last. Fortunately for Mason his Daddy is a Rock, Braden and I spent most of the visit comforting each other, and neither of us could be in the exam room when he got the stitches. As we were walking out, they were strapping him to a board. Blake held his hand and talked to him while the two nurses and ER doc put the stitches in.

You can see the big bandage over the stitches, this was back at home and having lunch, so none of this deterred his appetite. Braden is very curious about seeing them, but also a little nervous. The ER doc was great! Her son is in one of the other Kindergarten classes at Braden's school and she has two more girls at home. One of them is very close to Mason's age, so I knew she was very sympathetic. They also live in our neighborhood so we meet while walking to and from school. In situations like the ER it's amazing how comforting a familiar face can be.

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  1. awww, bless his heart. I hate the strapping down part. They have to do that to Ethan when he has his kidney tests. Just breaks your heart, doesn't it?