Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer in a nut shell

On the way to The Center this morning, Braden asked me how many extra fun things he'd done this week. As we ticked them off, I realized if we could come up with 12 things for one week, his summer was very full and hopefully very fun! I have to confess, my first summer vacation as a Mom has been one of the best!

Braden kicked off his summer with a back yard birthday bash, inviting no less than 40 kids, most of them showed up!

In the same weekend, Nana and Papa came to visit, not only to celebrate his birthday, but also to watch his performance in the YMCA Spring Dance Show. He loved the Tough Boys Hip Hop class so much he wants to do it again!

We met our good friends, Lexie and Jackson Harris in Bentonville for a day at the Jump Zone and then brought cousin Hannah back with us for a short visit.

Before it got so hot, there was lots of backyard play time and a few cookouts with friends and neighbors.

Blake took both boys to meet Tyler, Dean, Cameron and Pop for an evening of baseball in Springdale. They all enjoyed the Naturals from one of the air conditioned boxes.

Chloe came back with the guys for a week.

Mason turned 2, which called for yet another birthday celebration. Braden helped me make Mason's eggless birthday cake.

Braden played his final season of T-ball. He got to experience pitcher, first base, third base and catcher.

First experience with Silver Dollar City, with Will and Sabrina. Favorite ride of the day, American Plunge. Liked it so much we had to ride it twice!

First of hopefully more sleepovers with Suzie! Suzie watched the boys overnight while Blake and I attended a Cardinals vs Royals game with another couple.

Many afternoons of harvesting mint and tomatoes from the garden.

Taking Mason fishing for the first time at Mr. Brock's pond.

Participated in the 4th of July neighborhood parade.

Played his first double header.

Fireworks at the Arbuckle's.

Swimmer's ear infection followed by 5 shots within 3 days.

Split chin, could have used stitches but the doctor chose tape instead (thank goodness)!

His last session of Tot Lot. Next summer it's Boredom Busters!

Six weeks of Wacky Wednesdays at the church

Spent his first full week without Mom! Blake took excellent care of the boys while I went to Pittsburgh for a conference.

First trip to the river.

Silver Dollar City...again, this time with family and Mason in tow. No American Plunge this time but he did ride Thunderation!

Lost his first top tooth.

Learned to tie his shoes.

This was the summer of the diving board! Once we were finally cleared to swim again, Braden gained enough confidence to go off the diving board at Crestwood, then the Rhodes' pool, then the Aquatic Center!

Weekly summer movies. Hit and miss story time at the library. Lots of time at the pool.

Marathon Thomas Train tracks from his bedroom through the kitchen to the dining room.

Even on the days we weren't running somewhere, I seldom heard "I'm bored" come out of this kid's mouth!

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