Friday, September 23, 2011

Soccer is Back!

Fall soccer has started and Braden had his first make-up game on Wednesday. For the first time, his dad is not his coach. Blake is doing a great job assisting the official coach, who found out two days before the first game that he had the job! Keep in mind all of our sports are coordinated through the YMCA, and any coach, official or unofficial is 100% volunteer! 

If it's any indication of how our day went, we made it to the game, but without the team shirt, so I ran home to get it. This is all the same day, but Braden has a costume change half way through the pictures.

Believe it or not, Mason will be starting his athletic career in the spring. Based on the number of stitches he's already had, we might need a few extra prayers!

 Braden and his best friend, Will going for the ball!

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