Friday, February 10, 2012

Mason's Masterpiece at Preschool

Little Gorilla Yellow Class Newsletter
Kari Cronister, B.S. Supervising Teacher
February 6-9, 2012

This week we continued our study of winter. We began discussing what animals and plants do in winter. We are learning new vocabulary words like dormant, migrate, and hibernate. We are also learning what animals migrate and which animals hibernate. On Wednesday we planted an amaryllis bulb! We are going to care for it together. We have made journals for the children to document its changes. We will also be measuring how tall our plant becomes and documenting this. On Monday we painted our own versions of winter. The children enjoyed thinking about snow and painting it. They also added trees, homes and animals to their pictures. On Tuesday we graphed which of our friends preferred mittens and which preferred gloves. We also read the book The Mitten and this led to our discussion about what animals do in the winter. This week our weather has been a bit cooler and we have had to come inside. During this time we have gotten out our new paper dolls, bamboo blocks, and several games like twister and candy land.

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