Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Open up. . . . .

Braden is taking his big brother role to the extreme and in addition to helping with bath time, now wants to help feed Mason. I can't wait for him to want to change diapers. I don't see that happening anytime soon. He's curious, but doesn't get too close! At dinner time, I give Braden a spoon for Mason's fruit and I take the veggie then we take turns shoveling it in. If Braden doesn't shovel fast enough, Mason gets impatient and screams at us.

This is Braden "grossed out" by Mason's grub...I try to convince him that it's the same as our food, just all mushed up. He's not buying it. I can't get him to taste it!

Mason is obvioulsy enjoying it. Note the Mark McGwire bib. . .of course this was Braden's!

Look at Mason's expression! WHAT DID YOU JUST FEED ME?


  1. that's funny...does he gag him when he feeds him (pushing the spoon in too far?)

  2. Not yet, I try to make sure he doesn't do that! I'm sure it's bound to happen.