Friday, February 13, 2009

My hair is like Uncle Tyler's, too!

Braden's biggest thrill has been to make his hair crazy "like Uncle Tyler's" but now he's focused on the more defined mohawk. . .so little brother is taking over, and last night declared that his hair "also" looks just like Uncle Tyler's!

You can't tell from these pictures, but our Mason had a rough day yesterday. After a mid-morning trip to the doctor, we found out he had double ear infections, still has pink eye, but now in the left instead of the right, and a "touch" of bronchial pneumonia. He had to get an antibiotic shot and a rx for an antibiotic that is not very nice to his tummy.

Once again, Braden was in charge of combing his hair after bath. He loves to practice his "jabs" in front of the mirror after he gets his mohawk just right.

This is Braden's impression of "Daddy" shaving!

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  1. too funny, Zach likes his hair "spiky" too. He loves it when the ladies who cut his hair do it, because they really make it stay. :)