Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

See the "behind the scenes" photos here.

Opening my beautiful heart charm for the bracelet I got on Mother's Day.

Braden wanted this so badly in the store earlier this week. We saw it at the movies and he couldn't wait to watch it again. He also won a "free movie rental" at Blockbuster for doing so good on his Reading folder at school, so Blake took him yesterday. He wanted to "rent" this movie and just couldn't understand why Blake encouraged him to choose something else. All Blake could say is "trust me."

This is a canister of "chips" that when you open it, this snake pops out. Our friends Mattie and Gracie have one of these and this was actually supposed to be a stocking stuffer, but I just found it in my closest.

Mason got his very own "shake-n-go" car. He loves Braden's and racing them on the track. We played with it this morning and he got very angry when he set it down and it took off away from him. It made me laugh!

Saturday Night

Mason dipping into his goodie bag from school.

Mason's loot from his Valentine's Day party.


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