Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Making the News

Braden and I had the rare experience of "experiencing" this inflatable sculpture. The "reminder" of the night was "this is not a bounce around!" Although that's exactly what it reminded the kids of.

You actually walked "into" the sculpture and felt your way through. I had to go in with Braden the first 3 times, but thankfully Corin showed up and there was no stopping them!

The art students had activities set up for the kids to explore art. Here Braden is having his silhouette traced and then he got to color it in. His pose was a "jumping jack" He also got to sew a booklet together and decorate the front with yarn, colors and pieces of deflated latex balloons.

Article in the Morning Sun today: The real story is that I thought I was going to have to threaten Braden's life to get him out the door. He was having a blast and a few of his "girl" friends were there. He just didn't want to leave! Blake was at home with Mason and needed a few things from the store to finish dinner. Thankfully the article just made it sound like Braden LOVED art so much he didn't want to leave, which is partly true!

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