Monday, November 1, 2010

Chili, Pinata, A Bride, A Cowgirl and A Bumble Bee

Saturday night we were invited for a chili/chili dog gathering at the Peery's! Blake was able to recycle his 70's accessories and add a tattoo sleeve for a look that he has yet to master at work!

Braden couldn't successfully ride his bike dressed as an alien.

Not to be outdone by Blake's alter-ego, I had on the other tattoo sleeve and my torn jeans!

Mason getting a pumpkin on his face, from Piper.

Pinata time....youngest to oldest, so he got to go first.

Stone had been bobbing for Apples, and decided to wear a mask while taking his swings.

Nothing like a bride with a bat! River got in a few good whacks!

It was Braden aka Pujols who finally cracked it!

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