Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fall Wreath from Nature

On Sunday, Braden and I took a little walk in the neighborhood to collect supplies for a fall wreath. We cut a somewhat circular shape out of a leftover pizza box. Braden insisted on riding his bike on our "hunt" and had to stop and get off every time he found a leaf or twig he wanted to use.

This was his first experience with hot glue and unfortunately had to burn his finger before he was convinced I should handle the glue gun.

The final masterpiece.

On Tuesday, his class took a walk through the neighborhood looking for fall leaves and he was able show off our creation to his teacher and class.

Mason got these great glasses in one of his Halloween goody bags, he loves them!

Making silly faces "pretending" we were sleeping. This is Mason's face when he's also trying to pretend snore.

Braden trying to pull off the sleeping face....

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