Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break

We've had a really busy Spring Break. Braden sure felt sorry for Daddy, that he didn't get a Spring Break. He didn't feel too sorry for Mason though. On Tuesday, we drove over to Branson for the day, and met up with my aunt Ann and her dear friend Sharon. It was a great day, a little overcast, but not cold, and perfect for the boys to run around at the Landing and watch the fountains.

The boys were really, really good on the drive there and back, and especially while we were there. Thankfully they have a nice little playground area for the kids to burn off some energy.

This was down by the "BIG" fountains as Mason called them. Of course Braden couldn't keep a straight face with the camera around! Mason got a little nervous when they first shot the flames out and was very concerned that Braden would get burned by the fire. We didn't get a picture of the flames, but we have one from two years ago.

Blake had to be in North Carolina for a presentation on Wednesday and Thursday. The boys and I took another day trip to Springdale on Thursday, to meet our good friends Lexie and Jackson. Jackson is a year younger than Braden. We would take turns babysitting for each other when we lived in Fort Smith. Their youngest son, Ethan, is about a year younger than Mason. My sisters, mom and nieces were also able to meet us. We went swimming at The Jones Center. It's a wonderful community center in Springdale, with an indoor pool and ice skating rink.

The rest of the week was filled with a few play dates and me getting stuff together for a yard sale.

Oh and I did find time to reorganize the pantry and our linen closet, which is always a learning curve for the rest of the family!


  1. Your boys are PRECIOUS and I am loving reading about all their adventures! :)

  2. We had fun but I'm a little sad that Spring break is over. Just a little though...I'm secretly kinda glad that the boys are back in a routine.