Monday, August 3, 2009

Blake in Branson

Blake joined us for one of our marathon shopping trips with the family from Mountain Home! This is Blake's second trip to Branson in 10 years! His first was when we were dating and he took me and my youngest sister, Sarah, to Silver Dollar City. I think it might be another 10 years before he goes back! Ha! Ann, Becki, Blake, Brandon and his friend Derek, joined us for an overnight stay. This is Braden's most favorite part of Branson, the fire shooting fountains at the Landing.

Oooohhhhing and aaaahhhhing at the FIRE!

Becki & Blake

Braden was fascinated by these two guys "drumming" on buckets. We watched them for a long time and he loved putting change in their "tip" bucket.

We hung out a little late on the Landing, so Braden could watch some of this concert. It was so packed there was standing room only, so I told Braden to stand by this sign and I stood back a little bit. He kept looking over his shoulder to make sure I was there! We amazingly ran into our good friend Cindy Cook, from Jonesboro, now living in Norfork!

Brandon & Braden

Blake, Mason, Braden & Aunt Ann

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  1. Holy crap! That's the first time I've ever seen Blake's hair less than perfect. *wink*

    Looks like you guys had fun!