Sunday, April 4, 2010

Perfect Easter Sunday

Braden helping Mason out by opening his Easter basket.
This year was a challenge. We used the same baskets from last year with the plan that the Easter Bunny would stop by to fill them. While shopping for my nieces baskets I picked up a few things for the boys that I knew Braden would remember. So this year it was a "team" effort between Mom and Dad and the Easter Bunny.

Both boys got "glowing" swords.

Right after church, we were doing what we usually do, "take turns" in the photos, when we noticed our friends, The Wards, doing the same thing. So we did a quick family shot then took one for them!

Immediately after church we were invited to PSU for Easter Brunch with the Wixson's. We got their a little before "the girls" so Braden saved their seats, one on each side of him. The food was delicious, but Mason was antsy. So we spent most of the time outside. It was such a beautiful day and he was happy to run around. Bear with me, I got some great shots of him!

Above was going "in"

This started our time outside

He wanted so badly to "touch" this sculpture

Then he was happy to just run laps around it.

We found this huge rock and he couldn't have been happier than he was climbing all over it in these nice "almost white" pants.

Back at the sculpture with Braden

Just before we got in the truck to head home

Mason went down for nap as soon as we got home and Braden got busy dyeing his Easter Eggs.

He was so patient to let them sit in the color they all turned out bright, vibrant colors

We have been surprised to find these pop up on the side of our house, especially since we didn't plant them. . . . thank you previous owners.

I love this shot Blake took, because it has the reflection of the sky and our neighbors tree in the window.

Mason doing a little touch up on Blake's mowing job from yesterday. That is Will's big white house behind Mason.

Perfect day for hanging out in the backyard. We did a minuscule amount of yard work, then let the boys, including our neighbor Timmie take over in the backyard.

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