Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Braden is missing his bright smile because he just realized we are going out for lunch instead of home to the candy!
Someone took pity on us and offered to snap a family pic!

 We had brunch at PSU last year, too. The sun was out last year, and Mason finished his meal extremely fast, so I spent a good part of the time taking his picture outside. Blake got a great shot of us last year in this exact same place. I love to see how much Mason has changed.

 Our good friend Big Dillon. This of course is because we also have a friend named Dylon, that is Mason's size. Dillon is Suzie's son, and the boys love to climb all over him!
Blake was standing above me trying to get the boys to smile, but all Mason wanted to do was make silly faces back at Blake.

We had a delicious Easter brunch at PSU.

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