Thursday, May 31, 2012

Saving The Best For Last

 Loving the shadow I got on the picture above....Braden "on deck"

 Braden played one of his BFF's teams tonight, the Royals. Needless to say because of the weather, the first week out of school, a week of baseball and basketball camp or they are goofy 8 year olds, but our undefeated team was behind by four runs until the 5th inning (they only play 6) and by the time they rallied, they barely won by 1 point. Braden did strike out, but he caught an awesome pop fly, and got on base twice.

 Blake does the best job of getting the boys in batting order....but it's next to impossible to keep them in it!

 A little encouragement from Dad

 It's hard to believe that Braden is 8 years old! He truly loves baseball, and amazingly is naturally good at it!

 After each game, Mason pretends to hit a home run and takes off around the bases. Tonight he said his score was 80 to 6.

This is our good friend, Ethan, who we played against. Ethan and his Dad are die hard Cub fans, so it's a never ending battle of Cards vs Cubs when they get together.

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