Sunday, May 27, 2012

Braden enters World 8

 We celebrated Braden's birthday this year, for the first time....ON HIS BIRTHDAY! With a full blown Mario themed "boy only" party, we had fifteen guests, in addition to our "guest of honor" Pop.

The boys enjoyed hanging out with Pop and opening family presents before the party started. Even Mason got to open a present from Pop, since his birthday is next Sunday. Both boys got new fishing poles and some tackle. They are very excited to use it!

 Once again, we used the banner I had made for Braden's First Birthday party. Two years ago I took a new approach to the gift opening and let Braden open each gift as it arrived. This cuts out asking all the kids to sit and watch as he opens all his gifts, when really they just want to keep playing. This also let us get a picture of Braden with each guest.

 Mason and Braden equally adore Ms. Zadie, little sister to Ethan, and I believe she adores them right back!

 The Mario cupcakes....I can't take any credit other than placing the order! Thank you Sweet Designs Cakery!

 The past few years we've had our local snow cone vendor, the Jolly Trolley, show up for the party and the kids could each get a snow cone. This year, they were out of town for the holiday weekend, but they are so awesome, they left a cooler of shaved ice and half a dozen syrups. Blake was an excellent snow cone maker, and it was a perfect day for it!

 Mason had a little left over frosting on his chin....saving it for later!

 The Pinata.....disaster. The head separated from the body, so it could no long be hung up, but it never did bust apart.

Water Shooter Thank you gifts......better than a goody bag!

Braden at 5
Braden at 6
Braden at 7

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