Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pittsburg Raildogs

 After the undefeated regular season, a new machine pitch traveling team was formed. Braden is going to be gone most of the weekends in July, but was still asked to join. They played a scrimmage game on Thursday and their first tournament this weekend. Although they lost both games yesterday, it has been a great experience. Apparently yesterday was just for ranking the teams, so the actual tournament was today.

 They won their first game, but lost the second, although Braden played a better game the second time around. As hot as it was for the spectators I cannot imagine what it was like for these boys to be on the field in this heat. Everyone was sharing their shade tents and I even grabbed two coolers of ice, one for the dugout and one for the siblings to cool off with.

 Braden struck out twice and had two nice hits, but both were caught in the air.

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