Monday, July 2, 2012

The Best Dad of All

 I know its all fun and games now, but I hope someday soon, our boys realize how lucky they are to have such an amazing coach, leader, mentor and role model in their father, Blake Benson. It has been a true pleasure to ride the parenting roller coaster with this man!

I somehow neglected between all of the baseball updates to showcase Father's Day. Blake arrived home last night from a marathon road trip to St. Louis, with just the boys. I thought he was Super Dad before that.....know I think of him as Mr. Incredible!

 Mason picked out a noise card that "toots"

 Braden illustrated he and Blake playing catch. It's a good thing Blake's glove is so big!

 Our go to gift for Blake is not a tie, it's running shoes. Without fail he always gets a pair for either Father's Day or his birthday.

 Blake never asks for December we saw this shirt and he said if I ever found one on sale he would love to have it. It reminds him of the Cardinal uniforms when he was a kid. As soon as he walked away, I bought the shirt and am proud that I held onto it until Father's Day!

As soon as the pictures were over, Mason couldn't wait to strip down and play Wii in his underwear!

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