Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Life is Random....in Pictures

I LOVE technology! I know I'm not alone, but one of my favorite advances in technology is the camera phone. I take pictures of things I want, things I want to make, design, give as a gift....good and bad design to show in class, the kids with smiles and tears, and my license plate, because I can never commit it to memory!

I decided to clean some of the images off my phone (not the license plate) to make room for new. Here's a little of what I found.....totally random.

Need to buy for the weed eater

PSU Schedule

Wish I had bought on Black Friday...there's always my birthday (hint, hint)

Mason's Birthday morning

Kid's TRYathlon on Mason's birthday

Intersection of 4th & Locust

Dash at the Vet

Date night dinner

Tennis Camp

Snow cone #85 at the ballgame

Winning the JL Hutch Championship game

Blake's birthday dinner

Making Daddy's cake

British Soccer Camp

On the road...headed to New Orleans

Where we parked to have dinner in New Orleans...in case our car wasn't there when we got back

White River

Harp's in Bull Shoals

Modeling the Dentist's special glasses

Rainy weekend

Christmas List

Making some cash at the Kid's Yard Sale

Christmas order from Tiffany

Braden's illustrated note card set

I want to make

Painted a lamp from my grandmother

Found this tray at the Recycling Thrift store

Want to make

2012 Teacher gifts

Swatch I bought in NYC

Subway in NYC

Clever advertising NYC

Conference slide from NYC

Walked by this in NYC

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