Saturday, December 1, 2012

Traveling in Basketball

 Instead of playing with the YMCA League, Braden has been invited to play on a traveling basketball team. In short, this means we will not have weekly games, but twice a week practices, and weekend tournaments. Braden has been very lucky in his sports career, having had the best coaches ever. Number one being his Dad. He hasn't realized yet, how lucky he has been to have his very patient father to teach him the fundamentals and instill a excellent sportsmanship in him.

Braden is #15

In addition to the other Dad Coaches, he is still training under our last football coach, Aaron McConnell, who played professionally. For this traveling basketball team, he is being coached by our high school boy's basketball coach, Kylie Roelfs, who also happens to have a son Braden's age.

This tournament was about 30 minutes away, played Round Robin style, and the kids played three games, the last two back to back. We didn't win, but you could see significant improvement between the first game and the third. I think it's going to be a great season of basketball!

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