Monday, November 30, 2009

Constructing our Christmas Tree

Most importantly the pre-lit tree, lit. But when I opened Rubbermaid container number 1 I got a nasty surprise, worse than coal in my stocking. At some point in the last 11 months, probably when we had standing water in our basement after Blake had been out of town for a few days, this tote with all of our ornaments was a mushy, moldy, stinky mess. Not that our ornaments were heirlooms, but they were the product of many, many, many after Christmas sales, and pass alongs from different family members. There were a few I just couldn't throw away and let them soak in some dish soap for a few hours. Amazingly there was a box of "fragile" balls I didn't put out last year, that were not in this tote, so they made it on the tree.

I headed out on a mission to buy a new skirt, new topper and some new ornaments. There was not a topper or skirt that stole my heart, so I went home and scrubbed the mucky rust off the angel we had. At the top of the tree you can barely see the flaws.

Braden LOVES to help decorate the tree, and I have to let go of my urge for everything to look perfect and let him hang the ornaments wherever he wants to! I do pretty good, until I look from across the room and see a gaping hole, then I discreetly shift them around. He even got his stool out so he could get some up high.

Now the trick is to teach Mason to touch gently. I'm not so worried about our tree, but all the trees we will be visiting!

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  1. Jackson and I did this last Thursday and he actually did pretty good with the ornaments. But, I have shifted a few also...shhhh!