Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Feast...not roast beast

Wednesday night Braden and I slaved away in the kitchen making fudge pies. Braden was so excited for Uncle Ty to get to our house. He asked all day if it was time. While at school he even made a special drawing for Tyler. Then when the big moment came, and Tyler arrived, one of Braden's first questions was "Why did you run into mail boxes to stop your bike when you were a little kid?"

The next big moment was when Tyler found out he was literally having a sleep over with Braden and sleeping on his bottom bunk. This thrilled Braden!

Thursday, Mason and Braden braved the frigid temperature to be outside with the "guys" Daddy and Tyler as they monitored the frying turkey.

Uncle Ty with the two monkeys.

Our Thanksgiving Feast

Mason's first Thanksgiving feast that did NOT come from me or a jar!

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