Monday, November 30, 2009

Bananas, Shades and tiny t-shirts

Mason had already eaten his lunch as I was peeling this banana for Braden's plate. When Mason saw it he insisted "Bana, bana, bana," I give it to him so I did and peeled a new one for Braden. At one point Mason was no where in site and I found him laying on Braden's bottom bunk, eating this banana.

Too cool for school. These sunglasses apparently kept him very occupied while I ran a few errands.

I got out tote of Braden's "old" clothes that Mason is growing into. Braden insisted this was his shirt "now" I told him the size, 24 mos., and he wanted to try it on anyway. Sad thing, if it were a little longer, it could almost fit! Long and lean!

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