Monday, October 11, 2010

The Marathon

While the boys and I were still snuggled in bed, Blake was in Joplin running the Mother Road Half Marathon. He placed 10th out of 52 in his age division; and 38th out of 314 males and overall he was 46th out of 846 participants in the half marathon. His overall time was 1:44:33.
We are so proud of Blake! Training time for this took place mostly early in the morning, once again, while the rest of us were still snuggled in bed!

While Daddy was running....the boys were taking in a little Michael Jackson. If Braden is doing it, Mason has to be doing it, too. Notice, they are both wearing white t-shirts, and they are both holding bouncy balls. Braden did have this seat all to himself, until Mason realized he wasn't sitting the same place Braden was. Braden is such a great big brother, and usually with very little moaning and groaning he will accommodate Mason's request to do whatever he is doing!

As soon as Blake got home, he had the pleasure of hanging out with the boys + 1, our friend Stone (River's little brother) while I had a booth at the local Sip & Shop event. My good friend Tiffany, who has dubbed herself my VP of Sales, assisted me.

When I pulled up at the house, I thought maybe the kids had tied Blake up and locked him in the basement, because instead of 1 extra boy at our house, there were three! Even with two extra neighbor kids, Blake had dinner on the smoker, and everything was under control! In my mind, this on top of the half, Blake should get a medal for a full marathon!

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