Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Our Saturday started off with a flag football game at 8:30 a.m. Blake needed to help with a Rotary Car Seat Check, so I took the boys to ride their bikes, well Braden rode his bike, and Mason rode his Diego motorcycle (thanks Nan & Pop) around campus at PSU. Braden loves to do this because the sidewalks are great and we don't have to worry about cars, so he has a lot of freedom. My only rule…he has to always be able to see me, and don't run into the college kids!
The boys had so much fun I hated to leave, but we had enough time before Mason's nap to squeeze in a quick lunch. As soon as we got to the table, Mason started to cry that his ear hurt. I immediately asked the waitress to make our orders "to go" en route to QuickCare, Mason fell asleep so I headed home, gave him ear drops and ibuprofen, and let him get his nap in.

While Mason finished his nap, Braden and I picked Arthur up and headed to the Pumpkin Patch. Arthur really liked the tractor ride. He said that his city has rural areas that look a lot like this. In China pumpkins are "taller and softer" and only for eating, not decoration. He had the same comment about the corn, "In China, corn is only for humans to eat" so he was a little surprised to see a big box of it that kids were playing in like a sandbox.

Mason felt much better after nap, so he and Blake met us there.

There were so many different things to do, I never got a picture of the boys together. Braden had a birthday party at 4, so Blake and Mason stayed to pick out their pumpkin while I left with Braden and Arthur.

The birthday party was at the bowling alley, which Braden loves! It was a girl that was in his class last year, Lexi, and he really enjoyed picking out her gift at Claire's. I tried to get him to just get a gift card, but he wanted to make a selection. We ended up with a pink, princess purse (perfect) and he was very concerned about the paper stuffed inside. He was afraid she might think that was her gift. At the party, he took the bowling very seriously and even got the highest score on his team! It was the guys against the girls, of course! I was in awe of this cake. Lexi's mom, sister and grandma all helped make it!

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