Monday, January 3, 2011

Forrest City Christmas

All I can say about this is POOR PAPA! Amazingly Rick was still able to walk after this, but he did several sets of push-ups with both of these monkeys on his back, and Taco watching!

As we were sitting peacefully in the living room, Rick's ears perked up at the sound of a gun shot. He dashed out to investigate. Nana was quick to explain, it meant someone was poaching on their land (aka hunting where they shouldn't be) he returned about 20 minutes later and had found a wounded deer. He asked if the boys wanted to watch him skin it, and they did, so Blake took them.

Cameron (18 months) and Mason (2 1/2) relaxing in the massage chair

Don't they look like the picture of relaxation as the parents of an 18 month old!

Mason was so proud of his Spiderman hat and mittens!

Dancing with Cam on top of Cameron's new basketball goal.

"Who you gonna call?"

It's after we get home that I realize, we didn't get any posed family shots or many with grandparents! I'm not sure we got but one picture of Blake!

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